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Majestic Part 1: Alien Encounter Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

The game's menu
Starting a new game displays the briefest of story summaries followed by an animated sequence showing the players trip to locate the missing ship
This is the player's interface. Here the Majestic has been located and a scan has identified access points. The drones are selected from the numbers 1-4 on the right
This is the way in to the captains quarters, wonder if he left this way?
The Torch function is selected by clicking on the 'T' in the top left. Its handy for making new doorways
This is the bridge.
One of the early puzzles. The bridge controls are locked, what is the code?
Using the Link function, the 'L' in the top left, the player is able to interact with the ships systems. Here the captains log is being accessed
The game controls. quite adequate and straightforward. The only problem is that the Save Game displays the name of the savegame in yellow which is hard to read
The game is called 'Alien Encounter' and here's an alien
There's quite a bit of the ship to explore. This is the main Hall. The arrow in the lower right allows the player's drone to retrace its path
This is the Engineering bay
This is a different deck with a more luxurious feel to it
There drones don't just go down corridors
The drones can be upgraded. Here two new icons have appeared in the lower part of the screen as new software has been installed