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Masque Video Poker Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

This is the start of a typical game. At this point no bets have been made and no cards have been dealt.
Here a maximum bet of 5 credits has been made. Players make this bet by selecting the 5 credit or Max Bet buttons. Alternatively this and smaller bets are made by clicking on the 1 credit repeatedly.
The ten of hearts was held and the remaining cards were redealt. A pair of jacks appeared so the original stake was recovered. The game will pause at this screen until another bet is made.
Here the first deal provided two pairs. Since the player must redeal its important to make sure the winning cards are held before pressing the Deal button a second time
The game has a simple but effective in-game help function. This is one such screen detailing the keyboard controls