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Microsoft Bob (game included) Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Splash screen
Rover hands me over to an expert.
Selecting which categories of questions I'll be asked.
Laying down the rules.
Gasp! Looks like Microsoft wasn't supporting the "One China" policy!
Of course I remembered the Alamo! That's what you /do/ with it! Note my name in lights.
Only one Canadian province is a rectangular mapmaker's conceit.
Which flag will he ask about? The suspense is killing me!
The seas are trickier to distinguish with no borders and uniform colouration.
Come on, throw me a hard one!
Lady Liberty busts out of the American Landmarks category to take center stage among the World Landmarks.
Not what I usually think of when I hear the term "Middle America".
This is back before Pluto got demoted.
Thank goodness I'm not being grilled based on their costumes alone!
Can I really call an 800 number to order more of these great questions? There might be a whole industry of MS BOB spin-offs! Or...
Post-mortem and score analysis