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The Oregon Trail Credits

52 people (47 developers, 5 thanks)


Programmed byEthy Cannon, Mark Paquette, Tom Zemlin
Documentation byJohn Hickman, Cheryl Blackford
Tested byBrian Anderson, Glen Anderson, Nursen Bilge, Ron Helwig, Josef Ling, Barry Mansur, Sue L. Minor
Artwork byDee Dee Roedel (as Dee Dee Daus), David Denninger, Sandra Forslund, Charolyn Kapplinger, Ed Madrid, Michael Tschimperle
MusicLon Koenig, Larry Phenow
Sound EffectsLon Koenig, Larry Phenow
Product AdvocatesMary Eret, Brad Schrag
Product PackageSteve Niemela, Scott Toney, Janet Wolnik
Guide book read byShari Zehm
Voice of people along the trailDavid Denninger, Erin Gallagher, Al Lathrop, Alan Nelson, Cherie Neima, Mark Paquette, Juan Placencia, Derek Phenow, Jean Sharp, Melanie Smith, Wayne Studer, Steve Taffee, Michael Tschimperle, Eileen Wilkie, John P. Wlazlo, David L. Wood
SingersJan Delozier, Mark Durkin, Larry Phenow, Brad Schrag
ChoirRich Bergeron, Craig Copley, Beth Daniels, Dee Dee Roedel (as Dee Dee Daus), David Denninger, Charolyn Kapplinger, Julie Redland (as Julie Kmoch), Tom Naughton, Cherie Neima, Jean Sharp, Melanie Smith, Steven D. Splinter, Wayne Studer, Michael Tschimperle, David L. Wood, Shari Zehm
Special Thanks toChuck Bilow, Craig Copley, Greg S. Johnson, Wayne Studer, Elizabeth Wendland (as Liz Wendland)

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (62465)