Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside Credits


Interactive DesignRon Gilbert, Richard Moe, Rhonda Conley
Project Leader ArtRhonda Conley
Project Leader ProgrammingRichard Moe
ProducerRon Gilbert
Production CoordinatorJulia Hill
Dialog Written byDavid Grossman
Paper AnimationRafael Calonzo Jr., Kenneth Neubert, Fred Sodt, Benjamin Yenter, Sherry Wheeler, Augie Pagan, Nick Mirkovich, Sandy Spangler, Brad Carlton, Edward Pun, Jay Sopp
ProgrammingLisa Wick, Peter Crayne, Robert McAuliffe, Geoff Kirk, Chris Bui, David L. Sellars, Ian Elliott, Dolores Carney, Bret Barrett
Storyboard ArtistsSandy Spangler, Sherry Wheeler, Tom Witte, Rafael Calonzo Jr., Tom Verre
Click Point ArtistsErik Haldi, Colin Odell, Karen Mui, Todd Lubsen, Kelle Vozka, Tom Witte, Shawn Trotter, Man Yi Chan, Steven Hartley
Background LayoutsAugie Pagan, Derek McCaughan
Background ArtDerek McCaughan, Augie Pagan, Todd Lubsen, Kyle Shold
Music Composed byRick Rhodes, Danny Pelfrey, Jeremy Soule
Sound Effects ProgrammingLisa Wick, Geoff Kirk
Lead Ink and PaintL. Michael Fisher
Digital Ink and PaintLeah Verre, Cory Baker, Colin Tennery, Stacey Birst-Yates, Joe Ziolkowski, Forrest Keyes, J. Clayton Corbisier, Stacy Sunshine Cook, Cory Hamilton, Fredric D. Griffin, Casey Burpee, Michael Jacobs, Alan Hamry, Jack Mattison, Steven Nasker, Brett Cantrell
Dialog EditingLaren Crawford, Sony Felho
Audio DirectorGinny McSwain
Audio EngineersSony Felho, Deb Adair
Senior Lead TesterThomas K. Armitage II
TestersSpencer Kimmel, Marshall Macy II, James Krieger, Sean Atchison, Michael Gilbrough, Dina L. Shepard, Mike Denlinger, Lawton Watkins, Jacob McMahon
Kid TesterCassandra N. Shales
Production AssistantsD. J. Mattern, Laren Crawford, Tanya Noreen
Lead System ProgrammerBrad P. Taylor
System ProgrammingJason King, Ron Gilbert, Brian W. Brown
Macintosh Game SystemScott Warren, Peter Crayne
Help File Written byStephen W. Johnson
Featuring the Voice ofPamela Segall (as Pajama Sam)
Additional Voice Talent byG. Valmont Thomas, Krisha Fairchild, Kathy Levin, Stephan Weyte, Robert Zenk, Jody Hahn, Jeff Steitzer, Ken Boynton, Rodney Sherwood, David Scully

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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8699)