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    Target or be targeted!

    1941 and the Two opponents. Two strategies. The year is scene is the Pacific. Japanese Zeros appear on the horizon, marking the beginning of World War II. From Pearl Harbor to unconditional surrender, this is your battlefield. PTO II delivers the power to control this infamous war. With new technology, faster and better war machines are at your disposal. Command the guns of the mighty Missouri, launch devastating Japanese fighter attacks, or storm the beaches of Okinawa. India, Australia, and the east coast of the United States mark new regions for enemy domination. Three campaigns await the most ambitious of generals while single-ship engagements prepare you for more!


  • Play one of three major campaigns or seven short scenarios
  • Set your own victory conditions
  • Execute precise military maneuvers with over 100 unique officers
  • Select from 120 warships, 60 fighters and bombers, 20 submarines, and 10 categories of tanks
  • Intercept and decipher enemy messages using technologically advanced weaponry
  • Command forces from 70 strategic bases around the globe
  • Full motion video enhances special events and commands (not available for Super NES or IBM CD)
  • One or two player excitement

    Contributed by XCool (203) on Jan 29, 2001.