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Reelect JFK Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

A shot from the opening of the game
Viking's logo
Thank God for public domain footage.
A shot of Jackie from the opening
Teeny Quicktime vids over a stock background
The main menu
Bobby, the Hutch to your Starsky
Prank calling as the President.
Getting your priorities straight.
There's a lot on your plate.
The Civil Rights Act
There's a fair amount of reading in the game.
Finally a peak into Jack's little black book.
"Gentlemen, I've called you here today to brag about boinking Marilyn."
Feel free to take out your aggression on your aides.
Zoinks! A clue!
Your office holds a few secrets.
Don't get lost.
Hax0ring the government e-mail system.
You'll see this more than once.
Those are the eyebrows of a high-ranking political official.
Tracking down a copy is cheaper than a real trip to D.C.
"Where to Mistah Obviously the President?"
Crunching the numbers.
Planning your campaign stops.
The Dallas Middle School Journalism Club handles most of the President's press.
Here's where you go when your presidential bike gets a flat.
"Plot to kill the President? Why didn't you say so? I know all about it."
"It's an honor to meet you, President Honky."
"In other news, the President is a huge jackoff and nobody likes him."
It's hard to tell what they're discussing, but it might be the fact that Jack Kennedy is leering at them from the bushes.
Another thug to rough up in your quest for the truth.
Bobby stands by at the Democratic Convention.
That must be a HUGE desk.
"Jack, please, you told me we could watch Howdy Doody."
The height of 1963 technology