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RoboSport Credits

56 people (40 developers, 16 thanks)


ConceptEdward Kilham
DesignEdward Kilham
Macintosh ProgrammingEdward Kilham
Computer GraphicsSuzanne Hughes, Richard Payne, Lynn Kirkpatrick, Bernd Brummbaer (as Brummbaer)
SoundSteve Hales
Windows Conversion byPresage
Windows ProgrammingEdward Murphy (Foldman), Steven Ohmert
Windows ContributionsBill Holt, Dane Bigham (Hurlman), Scott Shumway
Amiga Conversion byThe Dreamer's Guild Inc.
Amiga ProgrammingJoe Pearce
Additional Amiga ArtworkDavid Joiner (Talin)
Package DesignRichard Bagel, James Dowlen, Kurt West, Michael Bremer
Package IllustrationJames Dowlen
DocumentationMichael Bremer, Tom Bentley
Documentation DesignRichard Bagel, Kurt West, Michael Bremer, Chris Yoro
Contributions to DocumentationEdward Kilham
Arena DesignJake Hoelter, Don Walters, Edward Kilham
Product ManagerDon Walters
Q/A and Tech SupportManny Granillo, Bill Cook, Jake Hoelter, Carter Lipscomb, Alan Barton, Beckie Pack, Paula Speise
TestersHarvey Lee, Steve Francine, Mike Patterson, James Kalin, Jake Hoelter, Steve Beckert, David Fargle, John Kahn, Bill Cook, Beckie Pack, David Grenfeld, Paul Pravettoni, Cory Nelson, The crew at Testing 1;2;3
Special ThanksJeff Braun, Will Wright, Akila Redmer, Joe Scirica, Brian Smits, Ben Manuto, Heidi Gebhard, Kalani Streicher, Dane Bigham, Edward Murphy, Scott Shumway, Brad Lewis, Paul Schmidt, Steve Beckert, Greg Johnson, Paul Rieche III

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In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

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Mike Patterson, 50 other games
Manny Granillo, 38 other games
Edward Kilham, 38 other games
Akila Redmer, 38 other games
Don Walters, 37 other games
Kalani Streicher, 33 other games
Joe Scirica, 31 other games
Michael Bremer, 30 other games
Steve Hales, 29 other games
Cory Nelson, 27 other games
Carter Lipscomb, 27 other games
Jeff Braun, 25 other games
Alan Barton, 24 other games
Tom Bentley, 23 other games
Greg Johnson, 19 other games
Scott Shumway, 16 other games
Edward Murphy, 16 other games
Dane Bigham, 13 other games
Bill Cook, 13 other games
Paul Schmidt, 13 other games
Bill Holt, 12 other games
Richard Payne, 10 other games
Joe Pearce, 9 other games
David Joiner, 9 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by DrGoldfire (39)