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User Reviews

KOEI is rare example that proves some developers can create better sequals than its already legendary predecessors... Indra was here (20902) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.8
Effectiveness How effective a game is to teaching. This genre is only used for games with the genre Educational. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (12 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Score (Jan, 1996)
Když člověk pochopí všechna pravidla a zákonitosti (což v praxi znamená několikrát pročíst help), získá hra svoje kouzlo a jistě oblaží srdce nejednoho stratéga. Na druhé straně by si leccos zasloužilo drobná vylepšení. Můžu doporučit těm, kteří nelitují trochy času strávené učením pravidel a jsou zvyklí se každé hře důkladně věnovat a důkladně se do ní ponořit.
If you are looking for anything fundamentally new or different in this series, you won't find it here. Those who don't know this series might find the excessive micro-management daunting. Those who liked the previous ROMANCE titles, though, will discover that this is the best ROMANCE game yet. The inclusion of new technology (and the resultant weapons), special abilities to generals, SVGA graphics and improved city management, not to mention a very catchy soundtrack, should be enough to entice old warlords back to the Three Kingdoms for another go at uniting the warring states of the Middle Kingdom.
Das Ur-Romance oder auch Bandit Kings of Ancient China fand ich gut. Auf diese x-te Neuauflage in nahezu unveränderter Machart kann ich jedoch verzichten. Grafik, Technik und Bedienung sind völlig veraltet. In Sachen Spieltiefe braucht sich Romance 4 nicht zu verstecken - bis man auf einen grünen Zweig kommt, ist viel kluges Management, effizientes Kämpfen und geschicktes Verhandeln gefragt. Normalsterbliche machen aber trotzdem das, was Chinesen jahrhundertelang um die Verbotene Stadt machten: einen großen Bogen.
GameSpot (Jun 20, 1996)
The Romance of the Three Kingdoms games were always a little rough-hewn, but managed to succeed nonetheless because of their depth and content. They offered sweeping strategy gaming set in the politically charged atmosphere of China's Warring Kingdoms epoch, with a rich cast of characters and solid gameplay. In each, you played leader of a kingdom, responsible for raising and equipping armies, capturing other cities, increasing the wealth and happiness of your citizens, and forging alliances with other leaders, each with their own unique characters. The goal is to bend all of China under your yoke.
High Score (Apr, 1996)
Det är allt administrerande som Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV faller på. Efter ett par timmars pulande med att utöka åkerarealer och gå igenom de rekryterade personernas tjugoelva olika attribut blev det här spelet för mycket.

antstream tournament