SimCity 2000: CD Collection Credits

Maxis Technical Support

Customer Support ManagerRoger Johnson (credited as Roger Johnsen)
The TroopsJoy Carchidi, Chris Charman, Shannon Dawes, Jeffrey J. Feil, Leo Kunkle, Lisa Laverty, Kirk Lesser, Owen Nelson, Aaron Shephard, Brian Smith
Also - Special Thanks to Kevin Endo, Simon Slavin, for compiling the FAQs and everyone who contributed to them [a list far too long to fit on this disk]


Not only did we have to make sure we thanked everyone who wrote SimCity 2000 and the Urban Renewal Kit, we also have a bunch more new people who worked on the Special Edition. .It just wouldn't be fair to not mention them
Additional Producing/Smacking/Audio/Visual MungingChris Weiss
Additional Excellent ProgrammingKevin O'Hare, Michelle Perry
Additionally Writing/EditingBob Sombrio, Chris Weiss
Additional MarketingLarry Lee, Sally Vandershaf
Additional Graphic Artwork (including the killer CD artwork!)Julie Bernatz, Kristine Brogno, Vera Jaye, Amy Melker
Maxis/SimCity 2000 Intro MusicBrian Conrad, Jerry Martin
Maxis/SimCity 2000 Intro VideoMichael Murguia
Extra Video TweakingByrt Martinez, Michael Murguia
Willvis Interview Digitization Townsend Street Productions
Video PlaybackRAD's Smacker Video Technology [Thanks Jeff!]
Lead TestingScott Shicoff
Additional SCURK artwork hand crafted byBroderick Macaraeg (credited as Rick Macaraeg), Mimi Macaraeg, Charlie Aquilina
Additional Scenario Cities Created ByKevin Endo, M. Brent Sleeper
Scenarios Created byAndrew Ashbaugh, Bing Chen, Greg Gerke, Loren J. Howell, Durant Imboden, Michael Juneau, William Liao, Craig Lichetenstein, Heather Mace, Gerald Moore, Santiago Munne, Kathy Nave, Christopher Osborne, Christopher Pierce, Keith Plunkett, Brian Poff, Joseph Reeder, Matthew Singleton, Brad Smull, Giles Tomkin, Chris Weiss, Ken Wells

Electronic Arts Ltd UK Help Guide

Original Trouble Shooting Guides Written by James Abney, Chris Beron
UK Help File Compiled byIan Hawkins
Additional InformationIan Hawkins, Jason Berisford, John Hanley, Chris Chaplin
Special Thanks toFiona Hawkins

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Scott Shicoff, 23 other games
Heather Mace, 21 other games
Gerald Moore, 21 other games
Owen Nelson, 20 other games
Kevin O'Hare, 20 other games
Brian Conrad, 19 other games
Kirk Lesser, 17 other games
Ian Hawkins, 15 other games
Larry Lee, 15 other games
Chris Weiss, 14 other games
Jason Berisford, 13 other games
Sally Vandershaf, 13 other games
Charlie Aquilina, 13 other games
Vera Jaye, 13 other games
Joseph Reeder, 12 other games
Byrt Martinez, 12 other games
Broderick Macaraeg, 10 other games
Chris Charman, 10 other games
Roger Johnson, 10 other games
Bob Sombrio, 10 other games
Jeffrey J. Feil, 9 other games
Michael Murguia, 8 other games
James Abney, 8 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (151592) and Accatone (5351)