SimCity 2000: CD Collection Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

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Windows 3.x version

Residential, Commercial, Industrial zones.
Roads and power
Inhabitants flock from far off lands to my little hell.
View of the Nation
Underground view of the water system.
Zoom in
Building details
Futuristic tile set
The Oni Herald
More, more, more thats all you ever ask for.
The first title screen. Nothing here to show that this is the Special Edition or that this is version 1.2 of the game
The second title screen. Still no indication that this is a Special Edition
The main menu. At last something that shows this is the Special Edition, the 'Watch Will TV' option links to four mini interviews with the developer Will Wright
This is the Will TV option. There are four mini interviews here, in each developer Will Wright answers a specific question such as 'What got you started developing Sim games'
The Will TV option. Here Will Wright is answering the question "What is your vision for the future of Sim games?"
The 'Load a City' option. In the Special edition there are over seventy cities to choose from including the top twenty from Maxis' 1994 city creation contest
The scenario selection screen, there are eighteen of these in the Special edition
The start of the Atlanta UFO Invasion scenario