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SimCity 2000 Credits

71 people (60 developers, 11 thanks)

The Program

Designed byFred Haslam, Will Wright
IBM ProgrammingJonathan Ross, Daniel Browning, James Turner
Windows ProgrammingJames Turner, Heather Mace
ProducerDon Walters
Art DirectorJenny Martin
Computer ArtSusan Greene, Bonnie Borucki, Kelli Jayne Pearson, Eben Sorkin (Lead Artist)
MusicSue Kasper, Brian Conrad, Justin McCormick
Sound DriverHalestorm Inc.
Sound EffectsMaxis Sample Heds - Halestorm Inc.
Technical DirectorBrian Conrad
Newspaper ArticlesDebra Larson, Chris Weiss
Special Technical AssistanceBruce Joffe, Craig Christenson (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), Ray Gatchalian (Oakland Fire Department), Diane L. Zahm (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) (GIS Consultant)

The Manual

Written byMichael Bremer
Copy EditorsDebra Larson, Tom Bentley
Documentation DesignVera Jaye, Kristine Brogno
Documentation LayoutDavid Caggiano
Contributions to DocumentationFred Haslam, Will Wright, Don Walters, Kathleen Robinson
Special Artistic ContributionsJohn Hastings (Bean), Richard E. Bartlett, AIA, Margo Lockwood, Larry Wilson, David Caggiano, Tom Bentley, Barbara Pollak, Emily Friedman, Keith Ferrell, James Hewes, Joey Holliday, William Holliday

The Package

Package DesignJamie Davison Design Inc.
Package IllustrationDavid Schleinkofer

The Maxis Support Team

Lead TestersChris Weiss, Alan Barton
QAAlan Barton, Manny Granillo, Chris Weiss, Roger Johnson, Donjah Horat (Supervisor)
Tech SupportCarter Lipscomb, Kevin O'Hare, Peter Alau, Christopher Blackwell, Kirk Lesser (Manager)
Beta TestingRobert McNamara, Steve Perrin, and all of Maxis
Product ManagerLarry Lee
Public RelationsLois Tilles, Sally Vandershaf
ManufacturingVal Garcia, Kim Vincent, Gina Martinez

Thanks to

Thanks toJeff Braun, Joe Scirica, Jim Siefert, Bob Derber, Sam Poole, Robin Harper, Michael Perry, Cassidy Wright, Joell Jones, all the rest of the Maxoids who made this possible, and ‘The Veddy Bad Girlfriend’

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Will Wright, 97 other games
Christopher Blackwell, 45 other games
Jenny Martin, 45 other games
Susan Greene, 43 other games
Manny Granillo, 40 other games
Don Walters, 37 other games
Michael Perry, 37 other games
Joe Scirica, 32 other games
Michael Bremer, 30 other games
Robert McNamara, 29 other games
Carter Lipscomb, 27 other games
Alan Barton, 25 other games
Jeff Braun, 25 other games
Tom Bentley, 23 other games
Heather Mace, 21 other games
Kevin O'Hare, 20 other games
Bonnie Borucki, 20 other games
Brian Conrad, 19 other games
Val Garcia, 17 other games
Kirk Lesser, 17 other games
Kim Vincent, 16 other games
Steve Perrin, 16 other games
Robin Harper, 16 other games
Chris Weiss, 15 other games
Debra Larson, 15 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16047)