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SimCity Credits

41 people (31 developers, 10 thanks)


ProgrammingRene Schuchter
Original ConceptWill Wright
DesignWill Wright
Contributions to DesignJeff Braun, Robert Strobel
Windows ProgrammingTouchGo Studios, AZEROTH
Graphic ArtworkDon Bayless, Jenny Martin, Scott Martindale, Will Wright
Title ScreenSusan Greene
SoundsSteve Hales, Will Wright
MusicBrian Conrad
DocumentationMichael Bremer, Cliff Ellis
Documentation DesignRichard Bagel
Documentation DesignKurt West, Christopher Yoro
Contributions to DocumentationTom Bentley, Steve Beckert
Package DesignJamie Davison
Package IllustrationDan Cosgrove
Special Thanks ToJeff Braun, Brian Hales, Bruce Joffe, Joell Jones, Edward Kilham, Kazue Osugi, Akila Redmer
Special Thanks ToBroderbund Software
Dedicated toCassidy Wright (as Cassidy), Maxine the Cow

The Maxis SimCity for Windows Team

ProducersSteve Beckert, Michael Perry
MarketingPam Schrauwen, Larry Lee
QA and TestingAlan Barton, Chris Weiss
Technical SupportCarter's Clambake Party
Customer ServiceSteve Abrew (and his 'posse')
ManufacturingVal Garcia, Kim Vincent
MusicRussell Lieblich

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Will Wright, 98 other games
Russell Lieblich, 65 other games
Jenny Martin, 45 other games
Susan Greene, 43 other games
Edward Kilham, 42 other games
Akila Redmer, 38 other games
Michael Perry, 37 other games
Michael Bremer, 30 other games
Steve Hales, 30 other games
Jeff Braun, 25 other games
Alan Barton, 25 other games
Tom Bentley, 23 other games
Brian Conrad, 19 other games
Val Garcia, 17 other games
Kim Vincent, 16 other games
Chris Weiss, 15 other games
Larry Lee, 15 other games
Brian Hales, 11 other games
Scott Martindale, 9 other games
Cassidy Wright, 8 other games
Joell Jones, 8 other games
Richard Bagel, 6 other games
Jamie Davison, 6 other games
Kurt West, 5 other games
Steve Beckert, 5 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Robert Morgan (1059), Rik Hideto (456755), James Walter (274) and formercontrib (158051)

atari kombinera