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SimTower: The Vertical Empire Credits

45 people (30 developers, 15 thanks)

Tokyo Team

Concept and Game DesignYutaka Saitō
ProgrammingTakumi Abe, Nobuyuki Kimura
ArtworkAtsushi Hotta, Yo Murashima, Hidesato Matsumoto
SoundsYasuhiro Kawasaki
Project ManagerMasahiko Tsukuno

Maxis Team

ProducerMichael Perry, John Csicsery
Product ManagerJulia Hing
Lead TestersMichael H. Gilmartin, Cathy Castro
Additional TestingCathy Castro, Kirk Lesser
QA SupervisorAlan Barton
Tech Support LeadChris Charman
Additional ArtworkShannon Galvin
Additional Sound EffectsMichael Perry
ManufacturingVal Garcia, Martin Chan, Kim Vincent
DocumentationTom Bentley
CopyeditingDebra Larson, Michael Bremer, Bob Sombrio
Documentation DesignVera Jaye, Kristine Brogno
LayoutAmy Melker
Package DesignJamie Davison Design Inc.
Package IllustrationDavid Schleinkofer
National Merchandising ManagerJames Seaman

Special Thanks to

Special Thanks ToWill Wright, Bob Derber, Joe Scirica, Jeff Braun, Sam Poole, Michael Bremer, Jamie Doornbos, Neil Alexander, John Lewis, Brian Conrad, Deborah Gross, Doug Litke, Ileana Sander, Robin Harper, D. B. Cooper

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Cathy Castro, 12 other games
John Csicsery, 11 other games
Sam Poole, 11 other games
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Julia Hing, 8 other games
Yasuhiro Kawasaki, 8 other games
Martin Chan, 7 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by james seaman (22), NGC 5194 (17583) and Corn Popper (69129)

antstream tournament