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atari kombinera

SimTower: The Vertical Empire Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Title Screen
Sample Desktop
Sample Building
Santa Claus is coming to your tower!
The Green field: Let's build a tower here
The first two elevators connect our lobby to the rest of the Tower
Adding some more office space
People start renting the office space
without condos, our tower is quite empty at night
We build condos and adjust the price
our restaurant serves quite a lot customers
we rename the cafe to add some personality
During the night there is only activity in our condos
We received a two star tower rating, adding more building options
The first single hotel room in our tower
as our Tower grows, a security facility is required
Due to a lack of housekeeping facilities, our Hotel rooms are getting dirty
Another occupied Condo
We add a second elevator car to ease the vertical traffic
all of our elevators are now equipped with a second car
We built a second lobby on the 15th floor
a new service elevator on the left for housekeeping access
as more than 1,000 people are working and living in our tower, we got the three star tower rating
underground parking spots have been added as our tower has reached the 3 star rating
The new express lift transports tenants quickly between the lobbies
To publicise the game MAXIS released an interactive demo version. This screenshot was taken from a copy found on SimCity 2000: Special Edition
The Interactive Demo uses multiple windows and takes the player through the early stages of construction