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Space Bastards Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Space Bastards title screen
Main menu with frantic demo gameplay in the background
"Aliens suck!" *cracks knuckles* (single player intro)
Starting the first of many waves of aliens
Shoot the UFO and it will drop a powerup
Green slime gun
The 6-way spread gun
The flamethrower in action
The laser beam cuts through a column of aliens
It only takes 4 exploding laser pods to take out an entire wave
The nuke! With a nice refraction of air effect (wait, air in space..?)
"Aliens suck!" "Yeah, right!" (two player intro)
Two player mode, with the 3-way shot powerup
Two player mode can get very hectic
The game over screen
The options menu