Terror T.R.A.X.: Track of the Vampire Credits


CastDeron McBee (Officer Phil Graves), Edie Mirman (Officer Allison Walkin, Ether Voice), John Boyle (Dr. Hemos), Jessica Hecht (Wendolyn), Neith Hunter (Vivian Kloss), Dina Platias (Carnoya), Brian Brophy (First Nerdy Guy), Ted Henning (Second Nerdy Guy), Shannon Holt (Nicole Novak), Edgar Alan Poe III (Otis Lee Suggs), Mickey Cotrell (Roscoe Sandifeur), Buzz Dixon (Gary Linhart), Ida Lee (Elderly Patient), Larry Roth (Handsome Doctor), Lisa Zusmer (Candy Striper), Jim Holcomb (Surgeon), Rick Merwin (Cowboy Surgeon), Juanita Judd (Wayward Patient), Kim Wertz (Patient in Wheelchair), Catherine Reuther (1st Body), Regan Kibbee (2nd Body)
Directed byFlint Dille
Produced byTerrie Berlin Dille
Concept byFlint Dille
Game Design byFlint Dille
Executive ProducersLorraine Williams, Laurence Roth
Written byFlint Dille, Buzz Dixon
Graphic Interface byBrad Beesley Design
Original Sound Design byGordon D. Hookailo
Music byCraig Stuart Garfinkle
Software ProducerPeter Marx
Live Action Producer INTRAZONEJuliet Bashore
Line Producer INTRAZONEAaron Slavin
Executives in Charge of ProductionErnie Cormier, Greg Martinelli, Grolier Electronic Publishing
Director of PhotographyMatthew Libatique
Production DesignerKamala Bennett
Casting DirectorBrian Brophy
Wardrobe StylistTiffany Nowlan
Prod. Sound RecordingSrdjan Popovic
First A.D.Guy Sutherland
Lighting DesignC. E. Courtney
GafferHector Corona
Key GripAaron Starr
GripKyle Davis, Brady Harris
Art DirectorAndrew Cahn
Assistant Art DirectorKent Johnson
Art Dept. AssistantColin O'Herlihy, Adam Fisher, Sabrina Meyer zu Reckendorf, Kelly Mitchell, Thorn Mack
Prod. Sound AssistantVladimir Slavic
Production AssistantCatherine Reuther
Video TechnicianPhilip Wei
Special Effects MakeupMichael Stein, Dean Jones, Barbara Wilder
Asst. to the DirectorLisa Zusmer
Bat WranglerChris Walker
EditorsTerrie Berlin Dille, Nicole Smith
Second EditorAaron Slavin
Online EditorRichard Barry
Avid Rental Provided byNuclear Picnic
Post Production FacilityPacific Media Post
Audio Post ProductionGDH Digital
Post Sound SupervisorGordon D. Hookailo
Sound DesignersRoy Braverman, Gordon D. Hookailo
Re‑Recording MixersRoy Braverman, Gordon D. Hookailo
Sound Effects EditorLaurence M. Schwartz
Music Produced byCSG Music
Software DesignEvolutionary Publishing
Software TeamPeter Marx, Philip Wei, Limor Schmaffman, Michael Abato
Special Visual Effects byMr. Film / INTRAZONE Inc.

Visual Effects Team

Effects DirectorChris Walker
Effects ProducerJuliet Bashore, Aaron Slavin
Lighting AnimationJohn Bermudez
Fire AnimationGlen Grillo, Osamu Takahiro
Blue Screen FXJennifer Kerrigan
Ether AnimationMr. Film / Real Cartoons
Chief ScientistFrank Little (as Dr. Frank Little)
Ether AlgorithmsDerek Woolverton
Systems IntegrationOsamu Takahiro
Technical DirectorAaron Slavin
Technical ConsultantHall Hutchinson
FX CoordinatorGiuditta Tornetta
Office SupervisorDiana Payne
Prosthetics and Special Effects MakeupCinema Secrets

Additional Credits

Motorcycle CameraDaniel Lynn, Villa Veloce Classic Motorcycles
Vintage Harley Davidson Provided byJim Kratt
Special Electrical PropsJadis Moderne
Prop Creative SupervisionParke Meek
Camera EquipmentSamy's Camera
Lighting and Grip EquipmentFiesta Lighting
Add. Lighting PackageTagert Lakes Co. Inc.
Video EquipmentNekton Inc.
Creative Mgmt. ‑ ICMStefanie Henning, Mark Evans
Legal AffairsRichard Thompson
Catering byTracy Young Catering
Motorcycle helmet mount designed byFerra Camera Mounts
Walkie Rentals byMcDermott Comm., Mike McDermott
Insurance byBill Hudson (Vansa Insurance)
Additonal Props byAlpha Medical, Ellis Mercantile, Jadis Moderne, NeoTek Props, Optic Nerve, Pacific Medical
Special Thanks ToT.S.R. Inc., Buzz, Soon‑ok, Yang‑mi, Heather Dixon, The Actors' Gang, Michael Koljan (Pacific Media Post), Holly Howard, Kyle Gass, John Vulich, Eli Shahmoon, Simon Saberi, Tim Sassoon (Dream Quest Images), Jim Thompson, Jennifer Vick, Sandy Holmes (at Real to Reel), Sue Lieberman, Aaron Paley (Community Arts Resources), Sharon Braun

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