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Top 20 Solid Gold is a compilation of games from Cosmi Corporation, it re-uses a title that Cosmi had previously used for a Commodore 64/128 compilation and naturally has a completely different set of games.

In this compilation most of the games have been developed by Cosmi themselves and many appear in other compilations such as Top 30 Games 4 Kids while this entire compilation is included in the 201 Solid Gold Games collection. The games in this compilation are:
  • Battlegrid: mouse controlled Battleship game

  • Bloxs: a Tetris clone

  • Chess: an uncredited game with save/load features and customisable AI strength. Games can be limited to a specific time or number of moves, specific boards can be set up with the edit feature, and the player can play as white or black and can switch between the two mid-game.

  • Crazy Eights: this is a version of the popular kids card game

  • Great Walls: this is a Breakout game that plays in a small window

  • Hex Trap: this is a Minesweeper game but it uses hexagons instead of squares

  • Juggler: in this game the player has a paddle which they can move left/right and the object is to keep balls in play, it's a bit like a Breakout game but without the block bashing element

  • Killer Bees is a single-player shooter

  • Labyrinth: this simulates the game where a player tilts a board to manoeuvre a marble around a maze avoiding holes

  • Lock Out: this is a game where the player manoeuvres their blue marble and attempts to capture territory while avoiding other marbles. It is similar to earlier games such as JezzBall

  • Meteor Storm: this is a Missile Command style game where the player has a single base with which they must protect their city from meteors and UFOs it is entirely mouse controlled.

  • Maze-O-Mania: this game is based on Labyrinth, the difference being that the player uses a mouse-controlled magnet to manoeuvre their marble. the game has three levels of difficulty and the polarity of the magnet can be changed so that it can repel or attract

  • Space War:a space shooter game which is similar to both Planetoids and Space Guard. The spaceship can be controlled by either the keyboard or the mouse, and it has both missiles and shields additionally the gravity of the planet can be used to arc missiles towards their opponent. The game has three levels of difficulty and optional sound

  • Planetoids: an Asteroids style game which is basically Space Guard but without the 'defend the planet' element. The spaceship can be controlled by either the keyboard or the mouse, it has three levels of difficulty and optional sound..

  • Rollem: A Yahtzee variant in which the player completes three scorecards all of which count towards their total score

  • Slots: a basic slot machine game. The player starts with $10 and can bet in 25 cent increments from 25 cents to $1.50

  • Space Guard: this is an Asteroids style game where the player has to protect the earth, it is mouse or keyboard controlled and has three degrees of difficulty

  • Tanks: here the player tries to defeat enemy tanks on a block strewn grid. It is controlled by either the mouse or the keyboard.

  • Tractor Beam: in this game, which looks and plays very like Space Guard the player's space ship has to avoid asteroids and scour space for red rocks which are the scare element Linoleum 236, they then activate their tractor beam and tow the rocks to earth

  • Trails: This is a keyboard controlled Light Cycle style game.


Top 20 Solid Gold Windows 3.x Every game has a set of instructions, some are in WordPad, some open in a broeswe window, others in the usual help file format. All open in a separate window
Top 20 Solid Gold Windows 3.x Planetoids is essentially an Asteroids game with space rocks and aliens
Top 20 Solid Gold Windows 3.x Space War's help file opens in a new window
Top 20 Solid Gold Windows 3.x The game's menu

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Alternate Titles

  • "Top 20 Solid Gold Games For Windows" -- Tag-lined title
  • "Top 20 Solid Gold: 20 Action Packed Games!" -- Tag-lined title

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Disc Usage

The manual for the compilation states "The main program requires approximately 10 megabytes of disk space on your hard drive. All other items remain on the CD-ROM". While this may have been true of the initial release of the product, when installing this game to document it for the database both the menu program together with all the games and documentation were installed to the hard drive. All the games played without the CD being loaded and the folder they were installed to occupied 7.31MB.
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