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Video Cube: Space Credits


Produced byGary Wagner, Chris Kitze
Designed byChris Kitze, Gary Wagner
Video Cube Concept byGary Wagner
Programming byJeff Kymer
Associate ProducerDiane M. Heppting
Art DirectionDiane M. Heppting
Music Composed byJoe Gershen
Package DesignCarrie Kitze
Video EditingDebra Wilkes, Keith Kurlander
Sound EffectsErik G. Hanson
Sound DesignGary Wagner
Screen DesignBrian Speight
Additional MusicScott Roewe, Kevin Mannis
Animation byJerry Witt, Debra Wilkes
Technical AssistanceMichael Samett, Richard McKernan, Steve Kaplan
Special Thanks toVytoria, Eric, Dylan and Sonia

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