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Who Killed Brett Penance?: The Environmental Surfer Credits (111 people)


Written byShannon Gilligan
Directed byShannon Gilligan
Executive ProducerWilliam Kelly
ProducerShannon Gilligan
StarringSheryl Lee (as Lucie Fairwell)
Cast of CharactersBrett Pingree (as Brett Penance), Janet Hubbard-Brown (as the Judge), James L. Sanford (as the Chief of Police)
SuspectsLee Becker (Amos Johnson), Tom Forrest Broadley (Al Ciprano), Cara Leigh Coleman (Braxton Smith), Roy Costley (Frederick Kinsella), Mark Foreman (Kinsella's Lawyer), Barbara Hagendorf (Cynthia Rhodes), Clyde Holt (Edward Taliman), Carrena Lukas (Margaret Hardin), Gregory Magyar (Jason Turley), Donna Todd (Stella Gibbs)
WitnessesLeslie Flemming (Janet Penance), David Gaines (Joel Franklin), Austin Hanson (Randy Howland), Heather Hanson (Freddy Callahan), Alex Hunt (Carlos Foster), Alixander Klein (Courney Rook), Robert Ramsey (James Holt), Serena Sams (Harriet Wilson), Melissa Vandershyff (Amanda Strong)
Retracing the RouteCarey Beckelheimer (Poppy Cleveland), Lucetta Drypolcher (Olga Hardy), Khadija Montoya (Callie Smith), Mark Richardson (Francis Burns), Hanley Smith (Ted Hughes), Catherine Taylor (Ellen Webster), Gloria Weissberg (Katherine Adams)
Press Corp CharactersJane Arker, Dorothea Brown, Cliff Gravel, Jim Headley, David Judd, David Knaner, Christine Scott, Donna Trone
Classroom StudentsJason Burr, Kim Hartman, Allison Hicks, Ramsey Montgomery, Brett Pingree, Amanda Thornton
Town Meeting CharactersJean Andrews, William Andrews, Beverly Corwin, Paul Corwin, Michael Ditchfield, Anne Luedeman, Nancy Luedeman, Jon McIntosh, Joan Merry, Joseph Robichau, Joseph Uranker, Francesca Uranker, Edith Yoder
Crime SceneCassidy (Doggy on the Beach), Carige Edwards (Policeman #1), Heath Widdis (Policeman #2), Christine Goulet (Woman on the Beach)
Surf BuddiesHelen Gardner, Todd Goodwin, John Goodwin, Eli Levick
Co-ProducerChristine Goulet
Assistant ProducerAmanda Thornton
Associate ProducersDave Zahn, Anci Slovak
Art DirectionDave Zahn, Anci Slovak
VideographyEthan Kauffman
SoundEthan Kauffman
EditingRichard Startzman
MusicDave Fox
Costume & LocationsChristine Goulet, Amanda Thornton
Hair & Make-upRandi Måvestrand
Still Photography for Crime Scene, Brett's Room, & Brett's CarKatherine Rose, Wooden Tent Photography Martha's Vineyard MA
Publicity & Still Photos of Sheryl LeeValerie Santagto, Santagto Studios Santa Fe NM
Sheryl Lee's WardrobeJane Walker
Sheryl Lee's Make-upRandi Måvestrand
Final assembly and logic in Macromedia Director 3.1.3 using a Macintosh Centris 650 and a Macintosh Quadra 840avCurt Flörcke, Trey Schultz
Video capture from videodisc using Radius Video Vision, Radius Studio, and a Macintosh Quadra 840avCurt Flörcke, Trey Schultz
Video editing using Adobe Premiere 3.0Curt Flörcke, William Kelly
Sound Post-Production and DigitizationDigital One/Pace Video
Graphics AssistanceWilliam LeFevre
TestingSteve Jackson

Special Thanks To

Locations (Santa Fe, NM)Ray Montgomery (Janet Penance's Kitchen), Brooke Gamble (Callie Smith's House), Ray Montgomery (Police Station), Anne Shannon (Cynthia Rhode's Dining Room), Anne Shannon (Katherine Adam's Bedroom), Devon Hagger (Margaret Hardin's Living Room), Amanda Thornton (Stella Gibb's Kitchen), Elizabeth Thornton (Olga Hardy's Solarium), Country Store Eldorado (Gas Station scene), College of Santa Fe (Librarian scene), Fraser PHarmacy (Pharmacy scene), Randi Måvestrand (Braxton Smith's Living Room), Tor Mavestrand (Braxton Smith's Living Room), Betsy Jaffe (Lawyer's Conference Room), Bob Richardson (Contractor's Office), Bob Richardson (Contractor's Office), College of Santa Fe (Classroom scene)
PropsMary Scott (Wheelchair), Josh Beckman (Pharmacy jacket), Surf Buddies (Surf Boards and Wetsuits)
Casting Audtitions SpaceMary Love, Ellen, Greer Garson Studios
CastingApplause Talent Agency, Eaton Agency

Crime Scene Location (Edgartown, MA)

Location AssistantsMike Wild, Jeanni Goodman
Brett's BedroomRoss MacDowell
Town Meeting SceneAmerican Legion Hall, Edgartown MA, Island Theater Group
Police Man 1Edgartown Police Department
Police Man 2Chilmark Police Department
Flood LightEdgartown Police Department
Surf-mobile, Wetsuit, Surf BoardsHal Childs

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