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The Yukon Trail Credits (Windows 3.x)

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The Yukon Trail Credits


DesignDiane Portner
Product ManagerCraig Copley
ProgrammingEthy Cannon, Julie Redland, Mark Hanson, Tom Naughton, Kevin Neff
ArtDavid Denninger, Sandra Forslund, Sheila Kelly
MusicJim Donofrio (Dijon Productions)
Speech and Sound EffectsGlen Anderson, Chad Iverson, Larry Phenow
WritingJohn Hickman
TestingBrian Anderson, Marty Euerle, Dan Megears, Timothy Roseth, Troy Small, Vang Thao
VoicesGlen Anderson (as Clarence Berry), Cathy Baxter (as Ethel Berry), Chuck Bilow (as Mountie), Anne Burnett (as Miner), Karen Caughey (as Belinda Mulrooney), Peter Contino (as Jack London), Beth Daniels (as Kate Carmack), Beth Daniels (as Dogsled Woman), David Denninger (as George Carmack), John Diebel (as Down'n Out), Sheila Dols (as Dyea Booster), Kay England (as Harriet Pullen), Marty Euerle (as One-Eyed Jack), Brian Franzen (as Ship Jokester), Todd George (as Jefferson Randolph 'Soapy' Smith), Donna Howard (as Nellie Cashman), Pat Korn (as Arcade Operator), Al Lathrop (as Gold Dust Charlie), Al Lathrop (as Outfitter's Clerk), Greg Lee (as Outfitter's Steerer), Josef Ling (as Skookum Jim), Dan Megears (as Chilkoot Packer), Eric Mahn (as Carpenter), John Meeker (as Archie Burns), Sue L. Minor (as Cad Wilson), John Arthur Olson (as Banker), Tracy Panning (as Photo Studio Worker), Lawrence Peterson (as Seattle Resident), Valerie Rhines (as Lucille Hunter), Timothy Roseth (as Eddie the Sharpener), Brad Schrag (as Skagway Booster), Gary Schroeder (as Shell Game Player), Dick Sisco (as Returning Traveler), Melanie Smith (as Newspaper Hawker), Jeanine Standing Bear (as Tlingit Native), Maribeth Stevens (as Ticket Agent), Wayne Studer (as Vendor), Steve Taffee (as Flap Jack), Michael Tschimperle (as William Moore), Claudio E. Valenzuela (as Worldly Traveler), Dawn Wichmann (as Stampeder), Nelson Williams (as Foreign Argonaut), David Wood (as Sam Steele), Gwen Zent (as Luella Day)

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (57825)