Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions Screenshots (Windows Apps)

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Windows Apps version

Title screen
Background story
Intro movie
Main menu
Loading screen
Start of tutorial mission
Collecting hope
Meeting Kanan
Encounter with a stormtrooper
Lightsaber in use
Destroying droids
Three gold emblems can be collected in each level
Level completed
Back at the haven we can talk to various characters
Training with Kanan
Haven building with Zeb
Building menu
Stats and stuff
Hero selection
Level progression
Blasting a stormtrooper
Citizen in need
Saved citizens return to haven and offer missions
Current missions
Abilities upgrades
Graffiti can be used to decorate the haven
A hope collecting mini game
Getting a reward
Acquiring an upgrade
Desert mission
TIE Fighter attacking
Secret area
Found a walker
Walker in use
Using a computer
Survival mission
Attacked by turrets
Spin the wheel
DLC packs