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007: Nightfire Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The intro plays just like the titles of a real Bond film.
Hey, they actually coughed up the extra dough to use Brosnan's likeness!
There always has to be an evil mastermind. This time, it's Rafel Drake.
Nightfire is a shooter, so there is lots of shooting...
... in a variety of environments...
... and with a variety of targets.
Q provides a selection of gadgets like this lock cutting laser watch.
After each level you get a performance summary that includes secrets and "Bond Moves".
Agent Alura McCall offers covering fire. She can't seem to hit anything but that's not the point is it?
Bond in space? Oh come on. Did we learn NOTHING from Moonraker?
In each level, the player can perform special actions called "Bond Moves", which usually involve solving problems in a daring, non-trivial way.
Among Bond's gadgets is a grappling hook disguised as a cell phone. It has limited use however because it can only attach to special "grapple points" within a level.
Sniping a bad guy. Bots aren't generally very bright in this game.
Bond's standard issue pistol has a silenced mode. It doesn't make a lot of difference but certainly adds to the spy movie atmosphere of the game.
Another gadget is a taser, of the awesome but impractical variety because it isn't very effective against armed goons.
The Q-Goggles' x-ray vision mode allows you to literally see through walls, providing advance knowledge of ambushes.
You can sneak around and knock out enemies in a single hit with a dart thrower ink pen. Again, stealth elements would play a larger role if the bots' AI were more versatile.
Photographing confidential documents adds to your level performance score.
The x-ray vision mode is also helpful in locating secret areas, like this room concealed behind a library bookshelf.
There are multiple ways of completing levels, and you can find various ways of sneaking behind enemies and taking them out while staying undetected.