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10 Days Under the Sea Credits (Windows)

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10 Days Under the Sea Credits


Project LeadEugene Kolobov
Game DesignEugene Kolobov
ProgrammingEugene Kolobov, Anton Timoshenko
Lead ProgrammerAnton Timoshenko
Technical DesignAnton Timoshenko
Lead ArtistMikhail Kochkin
Graphical DesignMikhail Kochkin
Game Concept ArtMikhail Kochkin
ArtistKarina Kroshkina, Sergey Volkov, Pavel Zhelezov, Elena Kostrova, Tatyana Semenova, Nadezhda Kulakova, Olga Kapitonova, Elena Yanovich
Game ArtKarina Kroshkina, Sergey Volkov, Pavel Zhelezov, Tatyana Semenova, Olga Kapitonova, Elena Yanovich
IllustrationsKarina Kroshkina, Elena Kostrova, Nadezhda Kulakova
Game Interface ArtSergey Volkov
3D ModellingPavel Zhelezov
Character DesignElena Kostrova
Game DesignerJulia Pavlova
Additional Game DesignJulia Pavlova
Fish Model DesignOlga Kapitonova
Gameplay ConsultantArtur Shakalis
Music byStaffan Melin, MELINMUSIC
Sound FX byStaffan Melin, MELINMUSIC
Story byAlexander Antonov
Additional ArtAlexander Grekov
Special Thanks toDenis Batin, Maxim Brusinsky

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (221203) and Macs Black (80151)