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100-in-one Klik & Play Pirate Kart Credits (Windows)

100-in-one Klik & Play Pirate Kart Windows A long, long list of games to choose from (all to the soothing strains of "The Girl From Ipanema")


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100-in-one Klik & Play Pirate Kart Credits


Games byAnna Anthropy (aka dessgeega), Develop CO, Eudaimon, Haze Rever, J. Reed (aka Botagel: Allard Quest; Bike Adventure!; Banana Space Adventure), Kirk Israel (ALIEN FIGHTER 2000; blockvaders; breastpong; cosmicarkatamari; homeworld defense; nudge; PREGGERS!), Laco, Matthew Williamson (aka Shapermc: Collect 100 Jems; Kick the Habbit you addict!; Outrun the Ball; Sad Old Man; Sky is Falling), Isaac Rounds (aka MR ISAAC), PizzaTime!, Preston Whited (Dice Fighter; Pizza VS Circle; Endless Showdown), Quaggy!, Raphael Shinners (aka Freight-Train: Battle Chess Deluxe Kasparov-bot Edition; Emotional Rollercoaster; You have a hangover II - Superbowl; Money Sex Power Fame; Not even remotely original; Walk you home tonight), Seppel, six, Swimmy, Jeremy J. Penner (aka SpindleyQ), Alan Gordon

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