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100-in-one Klik & Play Pirate Kart Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

A long, long list of games to choose from (all to the soothing strains of "The Girl From Ipanema")
If you prefer, you can sort by author
Alternately, you can sort by genre keywords. (Only one game about bazoombas? I want my money back!)
Information about Air/Sea Giraffe
Air/Sea Giraffe title screen
Air/Sea Giraffe: approaching a bonus pig
Air/Sea Giraffe: the giraffe is diminuitive, wounded
Air/Sea Giraffe: launching a flower up at a bug
Air/Sea Giraffe: Game over, final score.
Information about ALIEN FIGHTER 2000
ALIEN FIGHTER 2000: Title screen
ALIEN FIGHTER 2000: Here come the aliens
ALIEN FIGHTER 2000: They shoot at me, I shoot at them
Information about Allard Quest
Allard Quest title screen
Allard Quest: level start
Allard Quest: avoiding an enemy
Allard Quest: shooting eye-beams
Allard Quest: game over!
Information about Arrow Arrow Revolution
Arrow Arrow Revolution: quick, counter the right arrow with a left of your own!
Arrow Arrow Revolution: game over
Information about Arrows
Arrows instructions
Arrows: This castaway is about to indicate a direction to press
Arrows: you lost a man!
Arrows: you successfully repeated the drirection indicated!
Arrows: game over!
Information about Banana Space Adventure
Banana Space Adventure title screen
Banana Space Adventure: In space, adventuring with your banana
Banana Space Adventure: game over
Information about Battle Chess Deluxe Kasparov-bot Edition
Battle Chess Deluxe Kasparov-bot Edition instructions
Battle Chess Deluxe Kasparov-bot Edition start screen
Battle Chess Deluxe Kasparov-bot Edition game completion!
Information about Bike Adventure!
Bike Adventure! title screen
Bike Adventure! starting location
Bike Adventure! jumping
Bike Adventure! navigation between two enemies
Bike Adventure!: Game over!
Information about blockvaders
blockvaders starting screen
blockvaders: shooting a series of bullets up, dispersing an enemy
He got me! Game over!
Information about breastpong
breastpong title screen
breastpong: here are some breasts
breastpong: bouncing the breasts off the paddle.
breastpong: game over!
Information about Butt Pirate
Butt Pirate title screen
Butt Pirate play field
Butt Pirate game over screen
Information about Cat Golfing
Cat Golfing start screen
Cat Golfing: driving the cat into the basket
Cat Golfing completion!
Information about Click On A Chair Holy Crap Limited Edition
Click On A Chair Holy Crap Limited Edition start screen
Click On A Chair Holy Crap Limited Edition: many chairs have been clicked on
Click On A Chair Holy Crap Limited Edition: elevating the wrong chair out
Click On A Chair Holy Crap Limited Edition: elevating the right chair out!
Information about Clickity Clickit
Clickity Clickit title screen and instructions
Clickity Clickit: Clicketies and Clackities descend from the sky
Clickity Clickit: final score
Information about Climb King
Climb King start screen and instructions
Climb King: first level
Climb King: getting killed by a bullet
Climb King: successfully achieving the middle platform
Climb King: 2nd screen
Climb King: 3rd screen
Climb King: 4th screen
Information about Climb King Lite
Climb King Lite start screen
Climb King Lite looks easier than Climb King
Climb King Lite: taking the express route!
Information about Collect 100 Jems
Collect 100 Jems title screen
Collect 100 Jems: starting location
Collect 100 Jems: cleaning out the level!
Collect 100 Jems: level 2
Collect 100 Jems: level 3
Information about cosmicarkatamari
cosmicarkatamari instructions
cosmicarkatamari starting position
cosmicarkatamari: rolling up your ball
cosmicarkatamari: just one left!
cosmicarkatamari: success!
Information about Dave Halverson's Review Quest
Dave Halverson's Review Quest title screen
Dave Halverson's Review Quest: preparing to intercept review scores
Dave Halverson's Review Quest: eschewing the 8 (lower than 9) and missing an LSD-laced coffee-cup
Dave Halverson's Review Quest: enjoying ludicrous scores while the coffee is in effect
Dave Halverson's Review Quest: the coffee is about to run out
Dave Halverson's Review Quest: game over!
Information about defend the moon
defend the moon start screen
defend the moon: shooting bullets at bugs
defend the moon: game over!
Information about Dice Fighter
Dice Fighter: starting a bout
Dice Fighter: game over!
Information about Disco Party
Disco Party start screen
Disco Party starting location
To save you a half-hour: nothing happens when you get past 1000 touches of each colour. Feel my disappointment!
Information about Don't Hit the Spikes!
Don't Hit the Spikes! title screen
Don't Hit the Spikes! starting location
Don't Hit the Spikes! screen 2
Information about Don't Stop Believin'
Don't Stop Believin' playfield: food or Jesus?
Your faith ran out before your hunger did!
Your hunger ran out before your faith did!
Information on Drive A Bike
Drive A Bike title screen
Drive A Bike: as billed, driving a bike
Drive A Bike: avoiding obstacles
Drive A Bike: game over!
Information about Dueling Sandwiches
Dueling Sandwiches title screen
Dueling Sandwiches starting location
Dueling Sandwiches: almost powered up with all the bombs!
Dueling Sandwiches: Success!
Dueling Sandwiches: failure!
Information about Eat the Moon
Eat the Moon title screen
Eat the Moon gameplay
Eat the Moon: a startling reversal!
Eat the Moon: final score!
Information about Emotional Rollercoaster
Emotional Rollercoaster: starting a wild ride
Emotional Rollercoaster: at the end of your ride
Information about Endless Showdown
Endless Showdown instructions
Endless Showdown number-crunching
Endless Showdown: game over!
Information about Explodin' Shit
Explodin' Shit title screen
Explodin' Shit: more and more Elvises (Elvi?) take the screen
Explodin' Shit: about to die!
Explodin' Shit: game over!
Information about Extreme Calculator!!
Extreme Calculator!! gameplay, such as it is
Extreme Calculator!! success!
Information about Fight a Chicken
Fight a Chicken start screen
Fighting a Chicken
Fight a Chicken: you got your tail handed to you. Chicken!
Information about Fight A Duck With The Longest Ever Recorded Bird Penis
Fight A Duck With The Longest Ever Recorded Bird Penis title screen
Fight A Duck With The Longest Ever Recorded Bird Penis: I must say, that penis is quite long indeed.
Fight A Duck With The Longest Ever Recorded Bird Penis: failure!
Information about Fight a Parrot
Fight a Parrot title screen
Fighting a parrot
Fight a Parrot: game over!
Information about Finger Smashes
Finger Smashes start screen
Finger Smashes: smashing fingers, endlessly.
Information about Freestyle Box 2007
Freestyle Box 2007 title screen
Freestyle Box 2007 starting location
Freestyle Box 2007: grinding on a railing
Freestyle Box 2007: game over!
Information about Friday Night Radical Dream Date
Friday Night Radical Dream Date title screen
Friday Night Radical Dream Date gameplay
Friday Night Radical Dream Date: game over!
information about Ghost VS Truck
Ghost VS Truck start screen
Truck, meet ghosts.
More ghosts appear.
Ghost VS Truck: game over!
Information about Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers expropriated title screen
Go Go Power Rangers introduction
Go Go Power Rangers setting
Satisfied customers served!
Go Go Power Rangers: game over, sez Rita Repulsa!
Information about Happy Time Electro Sex
Happy Time Electro Sex title screen
Happy Time Electro Sex is really rocking now
Happy Time Electro Sex game over!
Information about Happy With Sad
Happy With Sad title screen
Happy With Sad game start
Happy With Sad in full swing
Happy With Sad: game over!
Information about Happy With Sad Turbo Deluxe
Happy With Sad Turbo Deluxe title screen
Happy With Sad Turbo Deluxe in progress
Happy With Sad Turbo Deluxe demonstrates its inconstant positioning of the two icons, making it Turboer and Deluxer.
Happy With Sad Turbo Deluxe game over!
Information about Help the Laser Wizard
Help the Laser Wizard start screen
Helping the Laser Wizard by collecting coins
Having foolishly stepped between the lasers, I can no longer help the wizard!
Information about here comes the judge
here comes the judge title screen
Fleeing the judge's projectiles of, uh, justice.
here comes the judge: game over!
Information about homeworld defense
homeworld defense: introduction
homeworld defense: setting the scene
homeworld defense: I've killed a bunch of them, but plenty of them have landed on my homeworld. An even tradeoff?
homeworld defense: game over!
Information about Hot Zeppelin History Stage
Hot Zeppelin History Stage title screen
Hot Zeppelin History Stage in progress
Information about House Centipede Fun
House Centipede Fun underway
House Centipede Fun: game over
Information about Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG
Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG title screen
Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG introduction
Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG overland map
Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG battle announcement
Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG battling... not entirely unlike Hungry Hungry Hippos!
Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG: succeeding on the field of battle!
Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG: developing your character
Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG: investigating intriguing map locations
Hungry Hedgehogs MMORPG: The plot thickens!
Information about Juggling Forever
Juggling Forever title screen
Juggling one ball... Forever
Juggling Forever: game over!
Information about Keys Keys Keys
Keys Keys Keys title screen
Keys Keys Keys: collect the keys to unlock the doors
Keys Keys Keys: level 2
Keys Keys Keys: level 3
Keys Keys Keys: level 4 -- now the tables are turned!
Keys Keys Keys: success!
Information about Kick the Habbit (you addict!)
Kick the Habbit (you addict!) title screen
Kick the Habbit (you addict!): first level
Kick the Habbit: level completion!
Kick the Habbit (you addict!): believe it or not, this is winning the game!
Information about Kick the Hobbit
Kick the Hobbit title screen
Kick the Hobbit: hobbit kicking
Kick the Hobbit: game over!
Information about Kicking the Hobbit 2: Hobbit Season
Kicking the Hobbit 2: Hobbit Season title screen
Kicking the Hobbit 2: Hobbit Season gameplay example
Kicking the Hobbit 2: Hobbit Season -- game over!
Information about Kill Yourself
Kill Yourself: starting the game with a clean playboard
Kill Yourself: working up to a strong slate of self-mutilation
Kill Yourself: again, surprisingly, this denotes game success!
Information about Krakozyabry
Krakozyabry game start
Krakozyabry - shooting lizards, racking up points
Krakozyabry: game over!
Information about LASER LAND
LASER LAND title screen
LASER LAND introduction
LASER LAND first level
LASER LAND is a whole other game once the lasers start firing
LASER LAND: game over!
LASER LAND nag screen.
Information about Le parapluie perdu
Le parapluie perdu haunts its town
Le parapluie perdu: succès!
Information about MegaMoon
MegaMoon title screen
MegaMoon information
MegaMoon: defending the moon from the dastardly earthlings
MegaMoon: firing your vampiric missile
MegaMoon stage 2
MegaMoon bonus round instructions
MegaMoon: Meteor vs Earth
MegaMoon: About to finish off those lousy earthlings once and for all!
MegaMoon: success!
Information about Metal Axe Warriors
Metal Axe Warriors title screen
Metal Axe Warriors introduction
Metal Axe Warriors level start
Metal Axe Warriors combat
Metal Axe Warriors: game over!
Information on Money, Power, Sex, Fame
Money, Power, Sex, Fame: background
Money, Power, Sex, Fame: icons representing each goal bounce around
Money, Power, Sex, Fame: game over!
Information about Moon Giraffe
Moon iraffe title screen
Moon Giraffe round in progress
Moon Giraffe: game over!
Information about Nitro Time Rock and Roll
Nitro Time Rock and Roll title screen
Nitro Time Rock and Roll level start
Nitro Time Rock and Roll: shooting off nitro rock!
Nitro Time Rock and Roll: game over!
Information about Not Even Remotely Original
Not Even Remotely Original: what? who's there?
Not Even Remotely Original: wait! Shoot him!
Information about nudge
nudge: healthy on the gameboard
nudge: out of life!
Information about Outrun the Ball
Outrun the Ball start screen
Outrun the Ball: level 1
Outrun the Ball: level 2, in the rain
Outrun the Ball: level 3
Outrun the Ball: level 4
Information about Piano Command
Piano Command title screen
Piano Command gameplay, bouncing Jupiter off a baby grand.
Information about Piano Tutor
Piano Tutor game start
Piano Tutor will teach you what the notes are
Piano Tutor has unorthodox names for some notes
Piano Tutor features extremely unusual notes for the higher register
Information about Pick Up The Phone And Die
Pick Up The Phone And Die scenario
Pick Up The Phone And Die: you picked up the phone, and you died.
Information about Pie Boy
Pie Boy title screen
Pie Boy gameplay
Pie Boy: game over!
Information about Pizza VS Circle
Pizza VS Circle
Information about Platform Builder
Platform Builder initial state -- relatively platformless
Platform Builder builds more platforms.
Information about Possummer
Possummer title screen
Possummer first level
Possummer next level (looks much like the first)
Possummer really flies by
Possummer triumph!
Information about PREGGERS!
PREGGERS! introduction
PREGGERS! on the easiest dificulty level -- one egg, one sperm.
PREGGERS! gets a lot trickier with this many sperm to avoid.
Information about Qinut
Qinut start screen
Qinut strives toward liberty
Qinut dosen't make it
Information about Race Car!
Race Car! title screen
Race Car! gets off with a race!
Race Car! is really slanted toward making things easy for the computer car.
Race Car!: game over!
Information about RAINGEL
RAINGEL title screen
RAINGEL leaves rainbow trails in her wake.
RAINGEL game over!
Information about Sad Old Man
Sad Old Man title screen
Sad Old Man doesn't appreciate level 1
Sad Old Man doesn't appreciate level 2
Sad Old Man doesn't appreciate level 3
Sad Old Man sees something new: an end to his sadness!
It's the end of Sad Old Man!
Information about Shakespeare Shakespeare Revolution
Shakespeare Shakespeare Revolution title screen
Shakespeare Shakespeare Revolution starts off easy
Shakespeare Shakespeare Revolution rewards you with views of the Bard's cool face as your progress advances
Information about Sideways Man Adventures
Sideways Man Adventures start screen
Sideways Man Adventures gameplay
Sideways Man Adventures: game over!
Information about Sky Is Falling
Sky Is Falling title screen
Sky Is Falling gameplay
Sky Is Falling ends after the sky falls.
Information about Slide Puzzle Insanity
Slide Puzzle Insanity start screen
Slide Puzzle Insanity level 1
Slide Puzzle Insanity demands more refined movements to get all characters into the goal.
Slide Puzzle Insanity level 2
Slide Puzzle Insanity level 3
Slide Puzzle Insanity level 4
Slide Puzzle Insanity level 5
Slide Puzzle Insanity about to conclude!
Slide Puzzle Insanity: success!
Information about Slide Puzzle Insanity: Special Edition
Slide Puzzle Insanity: Special Edition start screen
Information about Slide Puzzle Madness
Slide Puzzle Madness start screen
Slide Puzzle Madness first level
Slide Puzzle Madness 2nd level
Slide Puzzle Madness 3rd level
Slide Puzzle Madness 4th level
Slide Puzzle Madness 5th level
Slide Puzzle Madness completion!
Information about Slow Race
Slow Race: and they're off!
Slow Race: gee whiz, the opponent IS slow!
Slow Race: failure. I was too fast!
Slow Race: this time I'll be even slower!
Slow Race: success!
Information about Spank Your Pussy
Spank Your Pussy title screen
Spank Your Pussy: the pussy doesn't enjoy being spanked.
Spank Your Pussy: unspanked pussy.
Spank Your Pussy: game over!
Information about Spindizzy
Spindizzy gameply
Spindizzy game over!
Information about Staircase!
Staircase! start screen
Staircase!'s staircase
Staircase!: game over!
Information about Super Slow Motion Asteroid Runner
Super Slow Motion Asteroid Runner title screen
Super Slow Motion Asteroid Runner game start -- where are all the asteroids?
Super Slow Motion Asteroid Runner delivers super asteroids in super slow motion.
Super Slow Motion Asteroid Runner: game over!
Information about Swordquest: Horseworld
Swordquest: Horseworld title screen
Swordquest: Horseworld gameplay
Information about This Game Stars My Penis
This Game Stars My Penis title screen, starring... his penis.
This Game Stars My Penis level 1
This Game Stars My Penis features a projectile it's better not to think about.
This Game Stars My Penis level 2
This Game Stars My Penis level 3
This Game Stars My Penis completion! Now let's move along from his penis.
Information about This Is The Last Goddamn Game I'm Making: Fuck You
This Is The Last Goddamn Game I'm Making: Fuck You title screen
This Is The Last Goddamn Game I'm Making: Fuck You gameplay seems straightforward enough
This Is The Last Goddamn Game I'm Making: Fuck You: then everything goes horribly wrong
Information about Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer start
Tiny Dancer completion!
Information about Too Many Cheerios
Too Many Cheerios title screen
Too Many Cheerios reveals yes, an overabundance of cheerios.
Too Many Cheerios: game over!
Information about Triangle Crosser
Triangle Crosser start screen
Triangle Crosser gameplay in thrilling progress.
Information about Truck VS Ghost
Truck VS Ghost title screen
Truck VS Ghost: truck, meet ghosts.
Truck VS Ghost: game over!
Information about Ukulele Master
Ukulele Master title screen
Ukulele Master: the master and the record company exec
Ukulele Master: get that album!
Ukulele Master: game over
Information on Violent Fighting: Ogre King Challenge
Violent Fighting: Ogre King Challenge title screen
Violent Fighting: Ogre King Challenge instructions
Violent Fighting: Ogre King Challenge background
Violent Fighting: Ogre King Challenge: winding up for the fighting
Violent Fighting: Ogre King Challenge: here's the violence!
Violent Fighting: Ogre King Challenge: game over
Information about Walk You Home Tonight
Walk You Home Tonight title screen
Walk You Home Tonight start
Walk You Home Tonight: If only I could be a fly on that wall!
Walk You Home Tonight: success!
Information about WHAT THE HECK DO I DO?
WHAT THE HECK DO I DO? title screen.
Information about You Have A Hangover
You Have A Hangover starting puzzle
You Have A Hangover: next objective!
You Have A Hangover: success!
Information about You Have A Hangover 2 - Superbowl
You Have A Hangover 2 - Superbowl title screen
You Have A Hangover 2 - Superbowl gameplay
You Have A Hangover 2 - Superbowl: conversation tree!
You Have A Hangover 2 - Superbowl: game over!
Information about Zeppelin Space Adventure
Zeppelin Space Adventure title screen
Zeppelin Space Adventure: a camel in space? That's quite an adventure indeed!
Zeppelin Space Adventure: the plot thickens
Zeppelin Space Adventure: next level!
Zeppelin Space Adventure: game over!
Information about Zombie in Space!
Zombie in Space! title screen.
Zombie in Space!: you cannot deny that this zombie is in space.
Information about 100 Robots
100 Robots start screen
100 Robots: first there are indeed 100 robots.
100 Robots: eventually they collide and winnow their numbers down.
100 Robots: Success! And thanks for working through all these games!
Super Corporate Executive Quest II HD Turbo Remix Deluxe: Return to Lord Skullington's Castle (phew!) title screen
Jump as you've never jumped that desk before!