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18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Starting a new game... You must complete the first Operational Mode before choosing the next ones
Starting up... you have cargo waiting. You'll have to pick it up.
Heading over to pick up the cargo. This is one of the views you can use
Ok, you have the goods... better get them to their destination on time!
Here is a side view of your truck. To explain the HUDs: You have your job info on the top left, the map on the top right, and your speed/lights/brakes info on the bottom right
Your routes will likely take you over the border... if so, you will need to pass through a border crossing like this one. Notice the arrow pointing where to go (this is optional)
Cops are after me, it's starting to get dark, and I'm going through an area with deer... doesn't look good
Darn cops... got me for reckless driving. I guess that's what happens when you drive over a motorcyclist...
Stopping for gas at night... I wish prices were that low...
Backing in to pick up some cargo. This front view, or a top-down view usually makes getting the cargo much easier
Compressed Oxygen... Better be careful with that stuff!
Recovering from a wipe-out... You can see my tracks in the snow
Tunnels are interesting to drive through
Here, you can see what the rear view mirror looks like
Wow! Look at the rain coming down! Also shown is the side mirror
Here's a first person view while it's raining and your windshield wipers are going (that's what the black line is)
Here is a side view while going over an overpass in the pouring rain. Those clouds look great!
These dirt roads aren't bad during the daytime, but it's very hard to see them at night
Delivery completed. You can see at the bottom what tickets do to you, what damage to the cargo does, and what completing a job does
Checking out the plane wreck while passing on the shoulder
Who says you should always drive on the right side of the road?
Another wreck... this time a semi. Slow down or the cops will get you
Looking to buy a new rig? Stop at a truck shop... and make sure you're no longer in the Employee mode
The water effects are pretty nice
Check out the cargo ship and my new rig
Different rigs don't just look different on the outside. The first person view is also different
Driving fruit through the rain in Toronto
Here, you can look at your map showing many details. Depending on your level, you may also be able to look into planning and check out your trucks
The "economy" is really your stats showing how you are doing