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100 (Jun 06, 2007)
Overall, I enjoyed playing 1893. It's engaging when one is in the right mood, and it's certainly entertaining and informative. You get more substance than anyone has a right to expect from a price tag like this. It's a great value at $20, and it will keep you occupied for months.
Adventure Gamers (Feb 02, 2003)
Traveling is not an opportunity I have had much in my lifetime. Other than visiting the site of the Battle of Gettysburg, the most famous battle ever on American soil, I really haven't been to many famous places; time and money haven't afforded me that luxury. Even if I had an unlimited budget, however, there are some places I won't ever be able to visit because they exist in a time long since passed.
Just Adventure (Jul 27, 2004)
As always, it is rather difficult to collapse whichever game’s overall evaluation in a single statement or letter, let alone for such a complex, ambitious and unique multimedia piece as AWFM. However, from a strictly gamer point of view, AWFM suffers from some obscure puzzles and also lacks a bit of balance between its historical recreation and the more entertainment-directed tasks and puzzles that hinder receiving a top qualification. Apart from that the game deserves to be highly praised, especially for its educational value and I am certainly looking forward to future Peter Nepstad/Illuminated Lantern’s products.
Game Chronicles (Mar 06, 2003)
1893: A World’s Fair Mystery is definitely a niche game targeted toward a specific demographic. Older gamers, history buffs, teachers and students, or anyone who loves the Windy City will definitely find something of genuine interest in this title. If you have been secretly longing for a good old-fashioned text-adventure then look no further. Peter Nepstad has created a wonderful work of interactive fiction set against an historic event and unique location ripe with potential adventure. Head on over to the official website and get your copy today.
Quandary (Jul, 2003)
The actual game is fun and the puzzles are interesting although it is an extremely large gameworld and it's easy to get lost. Getting lost, however, isn't such a bad thing because you get to see more as you find your way around. It's only a problem (or a challenge) if you are trying to arrive at a particular place at an appointed time (i.e. to meet someone) because the game includes a 'clock' that advances incrementally as you perform actions.
What amazes me is the grand scale of this game. The documentation boasts 30 hours of gameplay, and quite frankly I believe them. The developer of the game, Peter Nepstad, researched the Fair extensively, and he interlaced hundreds and hundreds of actual Fair locations for you to explore. There is so much to exploring the Exhibition that you almost forget you are trying to solve a crime, and you will be surprised to learn so much about the actual Fair itself. You can also get just as lost as you could have at the real thing, let me tell you. In all, 1893 is an amazing game with so much more than you'd expect in a text adventure. And at less than $20, it's well worth the investment, both in money and time. Come on, give it a try! Let me tell you about the Golden Age, sonny…