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3 Stars of Destiny Credits

14 people (12 developers, 2 thanks)

3 Stars of Destiny

3 Stars of Destiny ©️ Copyright February 2009Indinera Falls (Aldorlea Games)
Released February 2009 onwww.aldorlea.com
Game DesignerIndinera Falls
Character Designer/Story WriterIndinera Falls
Monster ArtsKaze Zamana
Character ArtsAnon D., based on the characters created by Indinera
ScripterThomas Vestergaard (credited as Zeriab)
Beta-TesterKarks K.
MusicDJ Fab
Translation, Various HelpEridani
Special Thanks toAmaranth, Bryce
You can find help and hints for 3S atwww.aldorlea.com, our official board
Thanks for playingHope you enjoyed it! See you soon for the next adventure!

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