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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Windows (United States):
    The Best 3D Interactive CD-ROM Game Based on The Hit TV Series “Sailor Moon”!!!

    Enter the magical and mystical world of the Sailor Scouts and explore new places and play challenging games all in the latest 3D technology. The Sailor Scouts are ordinary high school girls who transform into glamorous powerful super heroes who stand for justice and fight against the evil forces of the Nevaverse.

    Magical Puzzle Room - 3 levels of play ranging from the basic 9 sided cube mysteries to the difficult 25 sided challenges, with over 50 different 3-D puzzles. Solve each puzzle to see a Sailor Scout Image and listen to the important message each puzzle reveals.

    Galactic Moon Library - Explore the secret files of each Sailor Scout, and watch them in a slide show, as you learn what each Scout is good at and what kinds of activities they like to do.

    Crystal Fighting Arena - Test your sharp-shooting accuracy against flying crystals and moving targets. Increase your score by beating the clock and hitting as many targets as you can.

    3D Fashion Salon & Fitting Room - Admire the super fantastic costumes and custom design what each Sailor Scout will wear. Pick and chose from bear gear, fighting gear, formal dress wear and lots of cool fashion accessories.

    Moon Castle TV Show - Here you can see the Sailor Scouts in action or MoonTV. View over 10 different videos created from the best-loved episodes - accompany by cool music.

    “...there is no doubt that this game should sell incredible well. The characters are cool, the sound effects are fun, and the costumes are our of this world!”
    - Videogame Advisor “A” Rating, 10/97

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (261109) on Feb 06, 2010.

3VR Website:
    The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon is due in stores in time for the Christmas rush. For millions of Sailor Moon fans, this means getting closer to their beloved characters and becoming part of their mystical, magical world: a place of animated adventure where ordinary high school girls transform into SAILOR SCOUTS, glamorous and empowered super heroes who stand for justice and fight against the evil forces of the Negaverse.

    This new interactive CD-ROM game is based on the popular television series "Sailor Moon", which is already a mega hit in Canada, France, Spain, China and it's native country of Japan. In North America, it’s just beginning its second season, airing on USA and other local channels. Randy Zalken, president of Kaleidoscope Entertainment, describes the show as "taking a unique approach to traditional, animated programming. "It has an edge –a humanity and vulnerability to it- that supersedes a lot of kids' programming today" (The Toronto Sun). Zalken attributes the programs success to the anomaly of female super heroes, strong serialized story lines and the "soap oper-ish" love interest played out by the Sailor Scouts.

    Using the latest 3D virtual computer graphics, 3VR, has developed a beautiful virtual city where there are all sorts of neat thing's to do. As the program begins, you hear the familiar Sailor Moon theme song " Fighting Evil by Moonlight" as you watch evil villains and Celestial Guardians pass before your eyes. This interactive CD-ROM offers five different play areas to explore, including the Magical Puzzle Room, the 3D Fashion Salon, the Galactic Moon Library, the Crystal Fighting Arena and Moon Castle TV.

    The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon requires Windows 95 and a PC with a 90MHz or higher Pentium processor. The game is available from leading software retailers nationwide,mail order, and through the Internet with a suggested retail price of $34.99.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76308) on Nov 22, 2006.