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5 A Day Adventures Credits (Windows)

5 A Day Adventures Windows Title screen


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5 A Day Adventures Credits

Dole Food Company, Inc.

Executive Producer and Content ExpertLorelei DiSogra
Project ManagerRenee Schouten

eMotion Studios, Inc.

Creative DirectorPaul Lundahl
Co‑ProducerPaul Lundahl
ProducerPatsy Northcutt
Associate ProducerHolly Barker Lee
Project ManagerJoseph Cha
WriterLissa Rovetech
StoryboardsAdam Caldwell
Sound DesignMichael Becker
Lead ProgrammerJohn-Erik Omland
CD ArchitectJohn-Erik Omland
Lead AnimatorHalstead Craig Hannah
IllustratorHalstead Craig Hannah
AnimationStephanie Neuringer
Interface DesignStephanie Neuringer
AnimatorMichael Ringseis
Production ArtistMichael Rizzi, John Armanini

Green Street Music

Music ProducerPhil Schroeder
ComposerPhil Schroeder
Audio EngineerSimon Ramone
Second EngineerRachel Beck


Multimedia AdvisorNancy White
Technical AdvisorSerge Lourier, Roger Jones
Booklet DesignerAmy Drutman
Additional ProgrammingMarty Brewer, Grig Bilham
Fruit & Vegetable Character IllustratorJoe Rodriguez
Video ProducerRich Hall
NutritionistAmy Saxe
Education AdvisorWallace Watson
ArtistLinda Harper

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