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5 Days a Stranger Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction sequence
Time to see what there is to steal
Always interesting to see comments made about bathrooms in adventure games
News about the house you are trying to burglarize
Now you realize you are trapped... but why?
The front door has no locks, bolts, not even a keyhole. Then why won't it open?
Someone has been digging in the garden, and not just to find a way out.
The characters discuss their options in the living room.
Who murdered AJ?
Are the others really dead... or is this just a dream?
The hall with the inventory shown.
Browsing books in the library.
This car was not here the day before.
The bedroom of sir Roderick DeFoe
When you finally manage to open a windows, it just leads to the backyard.
The portrait in the back changes every day.
A map of the mansion
The cellar holds sinister secrets.
Ms Taylor is in shock.
AJ is afraid of you... Do you see why?