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7 Days a Skeptic Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

here`s where the adventure\action takes place
the crew members
the map of the scout ship Mephistopheles
better not let this guy show his love for you
Your office.
Angela is the first mate but she's so too logical.
Barry Chahal, the captain
At the bridge with Serena.
The sickbay is William's domain.
The lift buttons
The games room.
The quarters you're sharing with Adam.
DeFoe, a name forgotten a long time ago
The canteen with a strange Adam.
You can walk outside the ship with the EVA suit.
A trail of blood is never a good sign.
The reactor's core.
The escape pod room.
Is it William the killer? His room is a real massacre.
Playing CSI
This is one of the possibles deaths: getting chopped by the Welder