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Hidden scene

There's an easter egg in 7 Days a Sceptic, in the form of a lost scene. To see it, play through the game to the end on a date close to my heart (or at least with your Windows clock changed to that day).

References: Chzo Mythos

  • Dr. William's last name is Taylor, and he has very blond hair. He is a descendant of Simone Taylor from the first game.
  • Parallels with 5 Days A Stranger: the first (full) day ends with the discovery of a corpse, and the hero is at one point accused of the murders and imprisoned.
  • On Friday, the captain's console will tell you that the Captain's birthday was on Monday, that he is 55, and that today's date is the 1st of August 2385. Monday was four days ago, so his birthday is the 28th of July. Fifty-five years ago would be 2330. So, the captain's birthdate is 28-07-30.


  • The imagery wherein the Welder's hands appear on the side of the box, ready to haul him out, is a reference to the classic Japanese horror film The Ring, as is the way the camera cuts away before anything else happens.
  • At the end of day 4, William says "Don't you think we can refer to 'it' as 'him'?". This is a line from Halloween.
  • The bit where William has lost his eyes is a reference to Event Horizon, a film in which a spaceship is taken over by an evil force, possesses a doctor and influences him into pulling his own eyes out.
  • While on EVA, the only sound you hear is your own breathing. The same thing occurs during EVA scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


The music playing at the beginning of the game is called One Man's Dream.
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