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7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat Credits

16 people (13 developers, 3 thanks)


Game DesignKeith Nemitz
ProgrammingKeith Nemitz
WritingKeith Nemitz
Art DirectionWilliam Stoneham
ArtMiriam Sherry
MusicLevan Iordanishvili
TestingLincoln Anderson, Christopher Pioli
EditingSharon K. Goetz, Erin Bell
Sound EffectsIan Stocker
Special ThanksCicely Grace Nemitz (credited as Cicely Nemitz)
The copper age's ruling class was inspired by "The Sumerian Game," conceived in 1962. It was the first emergent narrative computer game. Mabel Addis Mergardt (designed by), William McKay (programmed by)
Built withPygame, PyOpenGL, PyGL2d, SDL

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