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7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu - Selecting the coin and entering it a slot will choose an option.
Tutorial, movement - Moving requires the use of a token, which will move the character to the closest token tile of the same symbol.
Tutorial, legends - When a character moves on a tile with a bonus, points or khet will be gained. Accumulating a required number will reward the family with a legend.
Tutorial, creating tokens - A character may use an ingot to create tokens, as long as there is another character behind or with them on the same tile.
Tutorial, children - Children may be given tokens to increase a skill. Skills range from F to AA.
New game - The new family first chooses what future plans it wants to aim for.
Game start - A husband and wife, surrounded by neighbours (in silhouette). The next step is to create tokens so they can move across the board.
Creating tokens - Is done by inserting the ingot slab into one of the character's slots. The character then will move back to the nearest token tile with people and create tokens there.
Creating tokens - More tokens are created if there are more people on the token tile. A maximum of three people may be positioned at a tile and will move further back if it's full.
Event - Sometimes, while moving characters, an event is randomly triggered. Let's see what happens in this event.
Event - Well, that was an annoying event. Character death just because it says so, without player input is one of the laziest story designs in gaming.
Producing children - If a husband and wife creates tokens on the same token tile, there is a chance they will produce a child. A heart showing up will signify success.
Education - Put tokens into a child's slot to increase his/her skills. They will be more effective in producing tokens when they start their own family one day.
That's a lot of children. Contraception apparently wasn't encouraged back in the day.
A short intro to the ruling class if the player manages to get there (takes awhile).
Ruling Class - Top of the food chain.