8-Bit Commando Credits (Windows)

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8-Bit Commando Credits


DesignIvan Traykov
ArtIvan Traykov
ProgrammingIvan Traykov, Philip Traykov (System Programming)
MusicOskar Hanberg
LocalizationAndrey Victor ('Insider'), Anton Semakin, Condor, Jeremiasz  P., Kevin Lovetere ('Nyappi57'), KingBork, KWAK, MadByte, Mateusz Antkowicz, Mihail Kasatkin, Rafa P.H., Riccardo Bianconi, Roland Yonaba, Seweryn Balog, [V]es[L]o, Vasily Ganin, Boris Korshunov, Creepermaster, Dollppin
Beta TestingJohn Sierra, Sebastiaan Barneveld, Roland Yonaba, Hamsteralliance
PhysicsErin Catto
FontCody Boisclair ('CodeMan38'), Paul Hardy, Ray Larabie, Roman Czyborra, URW++ Design and Development
Sound EffectsDavid Ou, Keith W. Blackwell, TheyCallMeCaudex, Tobiasz Karoń ('unfa'), Tomas Pettersson, Yuval Reuven
Special ThanksAndré Carregal (File System), Bart van Strien, Ben Jos Walbeehm, Benjamin Hollis, Diego Nehab (Networking), Gerald Franz (XML Parser), Fabio Mascarenhas (Cryptography; File System), Ken Silverman, Kyle Smith, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo (Scripting Language), Marcela Ozório Suarez (Cryptography), Paul Merrell, Roberto Ierusalimschy (Cryptography; File System; Scripting Language), Robin Wellner, Tomás Guisasola (Cryptography; File System), Waldemar Celes (Scripting Language), Xiph.org Foundation [Audio Compression]

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