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8bit killer Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Introduction to the first chapter
First chapter title screen
That's quite a retro bus.
Some enemies only carry melee weapons.
Skulls shooting bullets out of the wall.
Enemies often hide behind doors.
First boss
These keys are needed to open locked doors.
A railroad level
Inside a dark mansion
They look quite cute, but watch their hands.
These medical bags expand your health limit.
This enemy can hide behind an impenetrable shield.
The library
These switches mark the end of a level.
The second boss is a helicopter
Furthering the story.
These enemies use a bus as cover.
Oh no, it's Daikatana.
Third boss in the sewer
You have two continues.
The fourth chapter, inside a mega tower
Aha, a key!
Wait for the laser beams to disappear.
Choose one of the six available weapons.
Game over