9: The Last Resort Credits (Windows)

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9: The Last Resort Credits

A Tribeca Interactive Production

Featured VoicesJames Belushi (Salty), Cher (Isadora), Christopher Reeves (Thurston Last), Steven Tyler (Twin), Joe Perry (Twin )
Additional Voices byJim Cummings, Tress MacNeille, Marc Blanchard, Pamela Z
Executive ProducersRobert DeNiro, Jane Rosenthal
Directed byBuzz Hays
Art DirectionMark Ryden
Produced byBuzz Hays, Peter Rosenthal
Game DesignDavid Greene, Nikos Constant, Marc Blanchard, Buzz Hays, Larry Kaye, Brian Kromrey, Neil Lim Sang, Jesse Lindlow, Todd Pound, Peter Rosenthal, Michele Thomas
Technical Direction & Programming Marc Blanchard, Brian Kromrey
Additional ProgrammingIan Bigelow (Art Interact)
Production ManagerMichele Thomas
Animation DirectorJoe Pasquale
3D ModelingNeil Lim Sang
Additional 3D ModelingAndy Buecker, Guy Garrison
AnimationNeil Lim Sang, Andy Buecker, Guy Garrison, Todd Pound
Storyboards & 2D ArtTodd Pound
Additional ArtworkKitty Meek, Keyth Ryden
Music & Sound DesignMarco d'Ambrosio (MarcoCo)
Additional Sound Design & Dialogue EditingTerri Guggiana (MarcoCo)
Additional Sound EffectsJohn Countryman (Skywalker Sound), Tom Myers (Skywalker Sound)
Dialogue & LyricsTom Minton
Additional DialogueAmy Alkon, Nikos Constant
Based on a treatment byDavid Greene
Special ThanksApple Computer, Maurice Bastian, Brooke Berman, Franck Bideau, Marjorie Blanchard, Karen Carr, Steven Chiem, Frank Colin, Computer Conversions, Jessica Cowley, CSI, DriveSavers, Equilibrium Technologies, Robert Falk, Tiffany Forner, Andrei Glasberg, Craig Hatkoff, Jim Henninger, Kathleen Hughes, Yumiko Konishi, Wendy Laister, Janice Lew, Jane Long, Gretchen Macdowall, Jim McCall, mFactory, Hassan Miah, Curt Miller, Mom & Dad, Andrew Morris, Buzzy's Recording, G. M. Nelson, Rob Pratt, Jeff Pullman, Rage Entertainment, RFX, Robert Risse, Robyn Color, Carolyn Ryden, Jasper Ryden, Carl Sandler, Henry Sobel, Softimage, Larry Tedford, T.H.E. Tools, Dave Theurer, John Thompson, Thurston Labs, Robert Todd, Tribeca Film Center, Harry Tuttle, Barry Tyerman, Thaddeus H. Wood, all our testers, and everyone else who helped out and offered support!
Very Special ThanksSteven Tyler, Joe Perry, Thomas Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford
Package DesignMoore & Price Design Group Inc., Tribeca Interactive

For GT Interactive

ProducerNicholas Lavroff
Product ManagerTony Kee
Quality AssuranceChaka Puplampu
TestingPCTest Corporation
Focus TestingRobert Dorsett, Steve Goodale, Nooshin Navidi, Carolyn Skrzydlewski, Paul Montwillo, Jonathon Krop, Laura DeYoung
Special Thanks ToHarry Rubin, Chris Garske, Stewart Kosoy, Maxwell Taylor, Dennis DeSantis, Allyne Mills, The Computer Graphics Department of the Academy of Art College in San Francisco

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