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Myst-clone not delivered by the presentation alone. Bullyt (550) 2.17 Stars2.17 Stars2.17 Stars2.17 Stars2.17 Stars
Beautiful but very tough. Scott Monster (1009) 4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.0
Overall User Score (12 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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Entertainment Weekly (Oct 18, 1996)
Fortunately, 9's brains equal its strange beauty. Many of the puzzles have musical themes (playing the correct sequence on a pipe organ, arranging a row of chanting African masks) and are challenging without being impossibly difficult; you can often find the crucial clue simply by exploring. And the on-screen controls go way beyond the usual point and click: You can push and pull levers and fold back the canvases of paintings on the walls. All this amounts to a highly absorbing interactive experience. I'd like to give 9 a 10, but in keeping with this magazine's rating system, let's just mark it as an A.
Gamezilla (Aug 17, 2000)
9 is a magical environment. Once you get into it, it will be hard to leave. You may even start to have dreams of its puzzles and odd characters, as I have. The game's strongest points are in its art direction, audio and gameplay. It weakens only with consideration to some bugs that GT Interactive is, I'm told, working on solutions for. But if you want a break from the shoot-'em-ups or just want to try something new, give 9 a shot. My guess is that you won't be disappointed. In my humble opinion, 9 is the best adventure game yet to appear in 1996.
Die Puzzles sind nicht so brutal schwer wie beim Genrekollegen Milo, und mit der Suche nach der Musen-Maschine hat die Hintergrundgeschichte genügend Biß, um gegen andere Leichtgewichte bestehen zu können. Ein Geniestreich sind die Beilagen, die mich an die gute, alte Zeit erinnern, in der noch Ultima-Lederlandkarten oder Stoffsäckchen bei Infocom-Adventures an der Tagesordnung waren.
Pelit (Apr, 1997)
9:n kanssa viihtyy helposti usean tunnin kerrallaan. Sopivan vaikeat puzzlet ja ennen kaikkea rikkaan surrealistinen pelimaailma tekevät pelaamisesta nautittavaa. Loppujen lopuksihan se on vain hieno lasten leikkikirja, mutta kuitenkin kiehtova sellainen.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 02, 1997)
Stilaan ben ik verder en verder gesukkeld en de puzzels zijn echt goed. Dus zal je het gebrekkige verhaal er maar bij moeten nemen. In de meeste adventures hoef je enkel goed te kunnen zien, hier moeten je oren nog eens gebruikt worden. Daarom dat Negen een 9 krijgt voor het geluid, de rest is iets minder.
PC Games (Dec, 1996)
What is entertaining is not always fun. That's the lesson I drew from 9, a seemingly enjoyable but vaguely uninspired graphic adventure from Robert DeNiro's software studio.
GameSpot (Oct 24, 1996)
Only a couple of years after they took an interest in computer games, Hollywood finally got one right. But not without a little inspiration - or highway robbery, depending on how you look at it. GT Interactive's Nine dumps you in a mysterious mansion that you have somehow inherited. You're not really sure what the story is, so you acquaint yourself with your mission by clicking endlessly on random objects and solving puzzles. Sound brutally similar to a game you may have heard of? Let's just say if you're champing at the bit for Myst II, this will satiate your appetite for now. And even if you're one of the brave few who actually admitted that they hated Myst, you may still want to check this out for a few simple reasons: better graphics, actual interaction with characters and moving objects, and a more coherent storyline. The biggest shocker of all? It actually plays like a game, rather than a Novocaine-induced walk through the forest.
70 (Nov, 2005)
Un gran gioco come questo non poteva avere finale piu'adeguato,e' un vero spettacolo che ci ripaga pienamente delle fatiche mentali spese. La longevita'e'abbastanza alta,per assistere ai titoli di coda ci vogliono pressocche'30/35 ore. Relativamente alle conclusioni,Nine the last resort e' un capolavoro sopraffino che mettera' a dura prova le capacita' logico/deduttive del giocatore,ed una volta portato a termine si provera' una gran soddisfazione per aver vinto la sfida,e una sensazione di piacere per il buon numero di ore di divertimento impegnato,consigliato caldamente a tutti.
Power Play (Dec, 1996)
„9“ ist einer dieser Titel, die manchmal scheinbar aus dem Nichts auftauchen und gleichzeitig eines der schönsten Spiele, die ich kenne. Optisch stecken unglaublich viele brillant umgesetzte neue Ideen in Onkel Thurstons Gemäuer, fast jedes Einzelbild könnte ohne Probleme auf Buch- oder Plattencovern auftauchen. Die Grafiken sind originell, teilweise sehr witzig, wunderbar stimmig, längst nicht so steril wie andere Spiele dieser Art und voll ungezügelter Phantasie — „9“ wirkt teilweise wie ein „Alice im Wunderland“ für Erwachsene. Schade, daß es beim Thema „Gameplay“ wieder nur mäßig zugeht: Was die Optik betrifft, richten sich die Entwickler an ein älteres Publikum, aber wenn es um die Puzzles geht, fühle ich mich nicht ernstgenommen. Ich würde zu gerne mal erleben, daß sich Topgrafiker dieses Ranges mit ein paar etablierten „Gameplay“-Experten zusammentun und gemeinsam ein Spiel entwickeln. Trotzdem: Wer „Myst“ mochte, wird dem klar überlegenen „9“ einen Schrein errichten.
Like the pump organ that is its centerpiece, 9 is a game that pulls out all the stops, distinguished by richly detailed, weird art; an original story line; and name talent like Christopher Reeve, Cher and James Belushi. But while the title of this MYST-on-acid effort refers to muses of creativity, it also lets you know about how many hours it should take to complete the game. For all its originality, 9 is hampered by exceptionally brief playing time, a brevity abetted in large part by the unchallenging nature of its puzzles.
PC Joker (Dec, 1996)
Erschwert wird die Suche durch eine etwas unpräzise Maussteuerung sowie die arg verwinkelten Gemächer. Zudem sind die detailliert gemalten Items (und die Renderanimationen) zwar hübsch anzusehen, stiften aufgrund ihrer schieren Menge aber Verwirrung. Die rockige Soundkulisse und die schrullige englische Sprachausgabe sind gewiß ebenso Geschmackssache wie eigentlich das ganze bizarre Spiel.
Zwar zeigen sich Optik und Akustik von bester Seite, auch die Rätsel sind anspruchsvoll, jedoch kann von Spielfluß keine Rede sein. Kein Vergleich zu Lighthouse oder Bad Mojo.
What a missed opportunity. It's one thing when a game is not successful because it's just plain, old-fashioned bad. It's sadder, though, when a game is full of interesting elements and still doesn't come together as a good package.
PC Games (Germany) (Nov, 1996)
Robert De Niro produziert ein Computerspiel. Ein weiterer Beweis, daß die Branche salonfähig wird. Wie es sich für einen Superstar gehört, hat er ein paar Kumpels zu diesem Zweck angeheuert. John Belushi, Christopher Reeves, Steven Tyler und Cher als Interface-Zigeunerin Isadora. Dabei ist ein sehenswerter Zeichentrickfilm herausgekommen. Schleppendes Gameplay und ein lahmes Interface lassen jedoch keinen rechten Spielspaß aufkommen.
Quandary (Feb, 1997)
This is another game that is an acquired taste. It's crazy, and so graphically cramped it feels almost claustrophobic. You don't know which way to turn much of the time. Though it has many simple puzzles, it also has its brain teasers which will prolong gameplay considerably. Without a walkthrough I suspect that some players might not see the ending. I didn't ... even though the final problem was fascinating, my patience with reloading simply failed me.
CD-Action (Apr, 1997)
Ale nawet gdyby wśród obsady nie było nikogo znanego, to i tak nie zmienia faktu, że Nine jest grą równie dobrą co niecodzienną.
HappyPuppy (Oct, 1996)
While the puzzles may not be the easiest to solve, they are possible and real logic benders, and the rewards are interesting to say the least. The overall idea of it is a brilliantly unique blending of several different game elements; it looks like Myst in some respects, but it plays rather like Zork Nemesis. The graphics are astoundingly crisp and imaginative, the sound is full and rich, and the plot is altogether absurd in an ingenious, artistic way. I would recommend the game at a price between $25-$30, because while it is an incredibly visual game, and lots of fun, the game play might not be everyone's cup of insanity. Cher, Christopher Reeve, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, and Jim Belushi have cameos in the game and add a lot of aural color to the experience.