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A Fork in the Tale Credits

114 people (107 developers, 7 thanks)

Advance Reality Interactive

Designed & Developed byAdvance Reality Interactive
Written byRob Lay
Produced byRob Lay
Directed byRob Lay
Immersion Engine Software EngineeringKen Carson, Kelby Chan, Chris Samaniego
Original Music ScoreCharles Moselle
Sound EffectsCharles Moselle
Special EffectsKaren Anderson
3D Design and AnimationTim Schaller
AnimationTim Schaller
Video EditingMonica Wittig Schauffler, Maury Boswell, Michael Wanger
Comedy WritingBill Braudis, Tony Camin, Cary Odes, Vernon Chapman, Michael Bossier, Debi Durst, Matthew Weinhold
ArtworkDavid McMacken
User Interface ConsultantUI Wizards, Inc.
Cursors and Hot Spotsskeleton stoodios
Script ManagementEric McGranahan
Production AssistantTammy Ross
Post Production AssistantMichael Wanger
Story Board, Memory, and Key ArtTim Sunderman
Business AdministrationMichael Solomon
Thanks toCutting Edge Audio Group, Sig Knapstad, Ray Pon

Production Crew

DirectorsDebra V. Quayle, Rob Lay
Art DirectorCaroleen Green
Assistant DirectorCatalina Castillo
CameraAndy Nedermeyer, Saul Rouda, Steve Balick, Rob Lay
LightingArthur Aravena
Live Sound RecordingSaul Rouda, Steven Balick, Mark Springer
CostumesD. Madeline Smith, Jett Elliot
Fight DirectorsJ. R. Beardsley, R. Randall Miller
Legal AssistanceCraig Close


The Protagonist (Your Voice)Rob Schneider
NaranyaCatherine Goodman
Andre ConlinFred Barson
KingBrian A. Vouglas
Jim CageSteve Lee
MershamDale Morris
ArisarNathan Lee Smith
GeeboR. Randall Miller
TalisanCraig Close
Castle ArchitectDale Morris
HyphastianJeremiah Nelson
Sorena (Hyphastian's Wife)Nancy Mormann
SesharaPeggy Mead Boelk
EleusiaBarabara Van Dermeer
AtumFred Smith
BodyguardMark Vanslow
TerroristsSteve Bakunas, William Bergin, Michael Ford Harris, Ray Pon, R. Randall Miller, Michael Ronin, Damien Vega
ParamedicsDale Morris, Rich Ancotti, Jeff Sloan
Arisar's MenWilliam Bell, Steve Bakunas, Eric Carlson, Craig Close, Jon Gaupset, Michael Ronin, Neal Shorstein, Jerome Spinks, Damien Vega, Michael Ford Harris, J. R. Beardsley
Arisar's SonEric Newton
Dungeon GuardsCraig Close, Eric Flom, R. Randall Miller, Mark Vanslow
Voice of the "Rules" Dungeon GuardJoe Louis Hoffman
Castle Architect's VoiceMark Springer
ScientistsMike Bertuluci, Benny Buttner, Martin Chow, John Ferreira, Eric Flom
LumaSeed's VoiceHeather Mathieson
AmalionsChristie J. Belinski, Annie Combs, Kaliopi Eleni, Helene Facon, Robbin Frey, Marimba Gold-Watts, Loretta J. Holland, Robin Huntington, Jett, Myrlia Jung, Joy Noel, Stephanie Potts, Jennifer Ray, Tracy Russell
DaughtersMary Ashley, Pamela Herron, Jody Mortara, Karen Sabo, Susanna Spies, Marcy Willis

AnyRiver Entertainment, Inc.

ProducerStewart J. Bonn
Comedy ProducerJim Bloom
Product ManagerRick Naylor
QA ManagerMichael H. Gilmartin
Lead TesterBrian Barton
Testing TeamEric Bergerson, Bryce Bonn, Rebecca Colbourn, Timothy Moore, Charles Schotborgh
Packaging Cover ArtJulie Bell
Packaging DesignSoo Hoo Design
Packaging CopyRick Naylor, Sue Seserman
User Manual DesignWayne Samdahl
User Manual CopyRick Naylor
Special ThanksChuck Clanton, Tracy Egan, Kelly Katz, Cyndra Robbins

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