A Vampyre Story Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu (in German)
Castle Warg
The last meeting of Shrowdy and Mona (cutscene)
Loading Screen
A button press marks all the hot spots in a room.
The main bed room.
Choosing "Open the pit" in the the interaction menu.
Talking to Barb, the talking Iron Maiden.
Another, now unused bed room.
The inventory. Items in blue are only memory imprints.
Mona can transform into a bat to reach higher areas... a cute bat that is.
The right part of the castle remains sealed off in the beginning.
Shrowdy finds many ways to stop Mona from leaving.
A tender moment with the baroness' cat Pyewacket in the kitchen.
The hidden library
An evil source runs through the castle.
One of the more complex puzzles to solve.
This book comes with handy pop-up drawings.
Mona is looking for a virgin.
The vampire hunters pay no attention to Mona.
Hello... Voodoo Lady?
The best way to confuse someone is by bringing up Belgium in the conversation apparently.
Mona will need to learn how to behave as a vampire.
A powerful stew is brewing.
The village design is stunning.
Based on the snowman, they don't take kindly to vampires.
Searching the stables... notice how the horse had too many parking tickets?
Iris has a job Mona does not understand.
Another part of a fetch quest
Finally inside the stadium where there is a concert in progress.
The verb coin menu from which actions can be selected.
The town is guarded by constables.
Flying down a well.
This man is a brute.
Mona outside the graveyard
Shroudy manages to lock her up once again.
Pondering how to escape.
They get along quite well, despite the quibbling.
Main enemy in "vampyre" form
Sneak and attack!