A Walk in the Dark Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Introduction sequence: Arielle and Bast playing in the forest.
Introduction sequence: the spirit kidnaps Arielle.
Loading screen for the first level
Collect the glowing orbs for the level's optional goal.
Dodging spikes.
Level completion screen
Enemies cannot be taken out, they need to be avoided.
Arielle sinks deeper into the strange world.
Dropping down, steer clear of the spikes.
Arielle can only move around and shift gravity.
Wait until the giant frogs jump to pass.
You also need to crouch in small passages.
It brings back a lot of Super Meat Boy memories.
An auto-run sequence.
The platforms with the cubes crumble when you move over them.
This glowing part designates the end of the level.
Level map with the overall progress
Dodge the bullets.
A giant leap
Shifting gravity past these moving gears.
Bast reaches a house with new sets of levels.
A vertical wall-climbing level
The sequences get more complex over time.
A level that mixes different challenges.
Another difficult auto-run sequence
Move towards the bats and they will fly down.
How to progress from here?
These platforms turn their spikes in a fixed time.
Moving past a swinging spider.