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Abaddon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
The story: yada, yada yada... etc.
Character creation part 1: Basic stats & geneseed type
Character creation part 2: Character class & special abilities
Start of the game; why do these games ALWAYS have to start with the main character waking up?
Talking to an NPC inside the castle of Antioch (the dialogues can be quite funny)
Inside a town; as you can see the graphics are a lot like those in the early Dragon Warrior & Final Fantasy games
Buying new stuff at the weapon shop. As the names of the weapons indicate, the game has a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic flavor
On the world map, which is filled with random encounters
Status screen for the main character Gilead; nice anime portrait by the way
Gilead battles a Mordechai Sergeant (and will get his ass kicked)
Using the pestilence spell on a droid somewhere in the barren wastelands
Healing myself with the Life Faith spell
Gilead is slain. Unfortunately this happens all the time, making the game nearly unplayable
The dialogues, which mock Japanes RPG clich├ęs, are definitely the best part of the game