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Absolute Terror Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu. The catgirl on the right is the player's co-pilot on the missions. She chips in with comments in a small window at the bottom of the screen which the screenshots do not capture
The game supports many different graphics resolutions. The assignments for the keyboard controls and the joystick buttons can be changed
The good old mission briefing. Our co-pilot makes the occasional sarcastic remark in a window at the bottom of the screen which does not show up on screenshots.
There is a brief, but significant pause, while the game loads the current/every mission
The start of mission one. It is a proving run for the new experimental ship which means it's essentiallty a tutorial which uses the basic controls
Those things ahead are the space crystals that must be collected
The game area for the training mission is not neverending, it has borders. So too do the 'real' missions.
Ten crystals have been collected. Five have been used to construct this defence tower
This is what an enemy ship looks like.
Space in this game is not three dimensional but it is pretty, as is the explosion as an enemy ship is vaporised.
Here we have one ship healing another
Making a hyperspace jump to the next trouble area
The enemy have taken over the satellite defences on this planet and this is one of their two bases which must be destroyed.
The satellite defences the enemy have gained control over generates this humungous laser beam. This will end badly.
The player will see this screen if they achieve a high score
The high score table scrolls slowly up the screen