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Abzû Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Chapter selection
The lonely diver, drifting in the ocean at the start of the game.
A brief tutorial
Hitching a ride.
The fishes are curious and will often follow you.
Free these drones.
A first orb has been brought to the temple.
Gliding through a fast jetstream.
When in a dark environment, you turn your headlight on automatically.
Free creatures to make them appear in the game, such as this sea turtle.
A strange gate
Following the stream to reach the surface.
A new environment to explore
This is one of the statues where you can sit and mediate.
Following this wrasse in meditation mode.
Moving on to a new section.
The passageway that leads to the temple.
A new part has been unlocked and orcas appear.
Swimming up with a boost accompanied by a drone.
A giant school of fish
A new environment, now with orange vegetation
Find a way to unlock and open the gate.
More of the story is revealed through pictures such as these.
A meeting with a blue whale
The diver is electrocuted.
A small passage
Inside an industrial environment
A hologram
A room with lots of strange, floating devices
One of the rare moments when you are out of the water.
You can move the camera in any direction, here viewing the surface from below.
Looking around at the surface.
The gate is now open.
The sea turtle is my taxi for a while.
One of the collectible shells
Inside a giant school of fish
Meeting the white shark.
Breaking through the surface on the back of the shark.
One of the game's final environments
Using the jetstream to move on to a new section.