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Academagia Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu. The small image in the center shows the art for different locations in the game, slowly switching from one image to the next.
Attributes are essential to your success in Academagia. They determine your health, how easily you can advance your skills or overcome difficulties, and much more.
Character creation is done through a story-like process where every aspect of your childhood is examined. There are about ten of these stages with scores of options.
Each college has its philosophy, curriculum and associated adventures. Some colleges have centuries long feuds with each other, but any adversity is also an opportunity.
A random event. This time your skills (either Botany or Persuasion) will decide the outcome. However, the red font means they're very likely to backfire badly. Zelus will need to train more later.
A major part of the game is planning your day in advance. At the moment it would be wise to train your weak skills (on the left). But you may choose any action...
...or an ability...
...or even a spell. As your character learns more and more, so more options will become available with better rewards. Again, color means the likelihood of success (green is best).
At the end of the day you'll see the results. Skill increases, new knowledge, relationship changes and more general info will be displayed. Only a portion is shown here.
You have a large inventory, including items on your person, in your knapsack and safely stored in your wardrobe. Every item has an explanation displayed on the right.
Uh oh. Gloria has a duel scheduled for Friday! Good thing she planned on casting Snowstorm on her opponent on Thursday - that should soften her enemy up!
Her opponent is a notorious bully, so she must be careful when she chooses the rules. A bad choice may put her at a disadvantage (or in the infirmary).
The duel has began and Gloria uses the first turn to prepare a spell from phemes (spell components). A powerful spell will end this quickly. Too bad that her familiar is not of much use here.
Philippe isn't idle either. While Gloria prepared he used two abilities - one of which increases Gloria's chance of failure.
Sophia, on the other hand, has a... slightly different interaction with Philippe.
Sophia attempts to craft something, but although she knows many recipes (left box) she has no ingredients on hand (right box).
So a trip to a shop is in order. This one sells alchemical supplies. Sophia could sells some of her gear, but she has more than enough money.
Now prepared Sophia can go on adventure. She can start a new adventure or continue an ongoing one like "Special Delivery". Blue color says she has a good chance of success.
Finally arriving at Academagia. Any event or adventure is played in a Choose-Your-Adventure format: You must choose from a few possible options with unique consequences.