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Admiral: Sea Battles Credits (Windows)

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Admiral: Sea Battles Credits


Concept by:Dmitri Prokopov, Andriy Doroshchuk
Scenario written by:Dmitri Prokopov
Programmed by:Andriy Doroshchuk, Nickolay Vlasenko, Grigoriy Podgorny, Vladyslav Popov, Artem Kulakov, Sergey Shandar, Dmitri Dudnikov, Petr Kuznetsov
Artwork by:Dmitri Prokopov, Viktor Sylak
Additional arwork by:Alexandr Nadobnykh, Evgeny Palchikov
Music composed, arranged and sequenced by:Andrei Vasylenko
Performed by:'SPLASHES', Andrei Vasylenko (guitars), Alexandr Vatutin
Recorded and mixed at 'NEVADA RECORDS STUDIO' by:Andrei Dzei
Office management by:Sergei Shevyryov
Special thanks to:Robert Sallade, Deta Service 'UPS/Donetsk', Sergei Kravets, Bob Walker, Alexei Makarov, Ruslan Klod'ko

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