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Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game loading screen. Meet Bolt Logan in the back and Miss Carrie which your assistant and a real babe! :)
A shot from the opening scene. These were the days that Logan and Pointer used to be friends
A beautiful cut scene, your shuttle lands on Herbus where you're about to begin your first mission
This is what you see in the beginning.
Notice the sun-rays coming through the trees. Amazing job there!
Enemy snipers can be a real pain in the backside, especially if their towers are in the middle of a forest.
Just locate the sniper tower and fill Rapunzel with lead, otherwise you'll need a serious amount of medikits as their fire covers a large area.
Many times is useful that once you've taken down the sniper, climb up their tower and look for pray.
Here is Carrie, your assistant, getting info and uploading data for your assistance
Inside your ship's command deck, this is the usual scene where you're getting briefed for your next mission
A sunset in the canyon:) How peacefully romantic that's gonna turn in a living hell in a few seconds!
Inside a lab, destroying and killing corporate nasties
A typical corridor. Shame is that you see this scene so many times it gets so repetitive in the end.
An enemy installation inside a tropical forest.
This is a nice shot of the tropical forest
Most of the times you enter rooms you have to develop break in tactics otherwise you're swiss cheese
Here's a shot that shows the big contrast between the beautiful landscape and flora generator and the rest of the modeling which is moderate, especially the enemy guards
Once you kill an enemy you so a search on him...
...which pops this screen up and here you can drag and drop some extra weapons, ammo, medikits and other useful stuff he might be carrying
This is real fun to drive: A cannon buggy
And yes it looks damn cool as well!
Apart from the cool looks it has a deadly cannon mounted on it's top which is really useful for some cases
Some rooms have really high platforms, under these the enemy guards await on the lower level of the room and beware cause the bullets can pass through the metal floor pads
Nice shooting blast and recoil effects
Does everybody thing of the word Halo by looking on this one?
Cute scene from a cut scene
Winter tree scenery is not as good as warm climate
Once the enemy is completely neutralized you can enter the building and disable the SAM site to the left
Another cut scene, entering a canyon in a rainy day.