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Adventure at the Chateau d'Or Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Installation complete
Start screen
Help screen
Load, Save and set options on this screen
Save games anywhere you wish. Only limited by your disk space.
This pretty screen greets you when you want to quit
This is the girl you must help -- the Princess
The princess greets you when you arrive at the Chateau
A shot of the outside of the Chateau
From this handy map, you can see your current location.
Smooth and elegant marble
This book holds the key to a puzzle
Inside of the book. Reading everything here is vital.
Zooming in on the book's inside frame brings up photos like this one
Do more research by viewing and listening to CDs on this computer
The Library
The dearly departed Duke. A randomly generated sound (and color) puzzle that makes him "materialize".
Pick answers to the Duke's questions from the knowledge you have collected from your research.
Watching TV in this room can be a learning experience too.
This room holds several puzzles, including the "magic" mirror on the wall.
Close-up of the Magic Mirror